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'38 Road King Ammeter wiring question


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I have an electrical wiring question concerning a stock '38 Plymouth Road King coupe with a 201cid engine and original gauges.  The only changes will be using a 12 volt, negative ground system with a 12 volt generator and voltage regulator.  I am using the wiring diagram from the Chrysler Corp.'s "Plymouth Shop Manual Codes P5-P6" (1937).

The Code P6 diagram on page 52A shows 7 wires and their groupings going to the Ammeter but does not show which of the 3 connectors these wires go to.  The accompanying sketch is my best guess as to the correct wiring.  Connector "C" has constant continuity to "D."  When a fuse is installed continuity is continued to "A" and "B."  The code P6 diagram states that wire #17, coming from the starter, is the "feed" wire so I've placed it at connector "C" in order to protect the other wires via the fuse if there is a problem.  Connector "A" and "B" are connected to the Ammeter coils and activate the needle for a + or - reading. So, can anyone tell me if my sketch is correct, and if not, what is the correct wiring.  Thanks. 



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