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The Gathering of the Faithful


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I started out the show season in June by attending The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) in NJ wearing my The Gathering of the Faithful tee shirt, and yesterday I ended my show season at The Gathering of the Faithful wearing my TROG tee shirt!  The Gathering draws vintage race cars and "traditional" (not "rat") rods and customs. It has been organized for nearly twenty years here in south east Massachusetts by a group of people committed to vintage speed.  While there was rain in the forecast,  there was still a good turn out.  They lined the flatheads up along a stone wall (including my P12 and a couple other Plymouths pictured here).  While we've never met, I do believe that's Member Moose's '54 Belvedere, and the P15 is a real road warrior, having made the trip out to the Syracuse Nationals a few times.  In keeping with my interests, everything pictured below is MoPar powered, with the nice '34 Dodge sedan having a Mercedes Benz mill! (it was all in the family - once!).  Enjoy the pics! 

Red Ram '35 Ply.JPG

Hotted up'50 Plym .JPG


Flatheads Forever.JPG


'34 Dodge.JPG

'50 Plymouth.JPG

'54 Belvedere.JPG

'58 Belvedere.JPG

Pilot House.JPG

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Well, the rain stayed away Saturday and there was a good turn out for the 2018 edition of the Gathering of the Faithful.  It was good to meet member Moose and jaw a bit about flathead MoPars.  Attached are pics of this year's attendees of our favorite persuasion.IMG_7858.JPG.e134649f79332a47295d81efd4920c71.JPGIMG_7859.JPG.6705b171ebe68a91c48926e5b8533926.JPGIMG_7852.JPG.72d319a1895534ccac9ba3bf8fc3fe7a.JPGIMG_7875.JPG.bba4de23d4ade359fd474fac27405b1a.JPGIMG_7865.JPG.f70767f4e2685f178c1a778869e8793f.JPGIMG_7885.JPG.f6aecdec870a70f53d94ebf10fc9a916.JPGIMG_7871.JPG.dda2b63b28b3ad64b172cd6217441dc5.JPGIMG_7890.JPG.2c781c13893206d791886f6f56eb4f79.JPG

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