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Clutch fork


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I got the transmission into place (the engine has been in the car all the time) and I was really happy. However, I noticed that the clutch for was not in place. It didn't hang on the fork pivot and not in the right position with the bearing. It was just hanging there lose :-(

I tried to get into the position, but it seems to be impossible. I don't want to use too much power. I am not looking forward to resemble the transition. It was a hard work to get it there! Has someone the same experience and having some good advice how to solve it?

It's a Dodge from -36 and the transmission is a R10 from -53 so it's really tight and the r10 is quite heavy especially trying to lift in in position from below.


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You have to back off the nut on the actuator in order to get the fork to aligned and then the rod goes back in place and you re-tighten the nut. Make sure you mark the rod so you know where to restore the nut setting.


Just encountered this same mystery with my R10 upgrade.




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