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  1. Looking for a "fast idle rod” for a Stromberg BXVES-3. The PO ”rebuilt" the carb and I suspect it went missing, among mixing up the power valve and having the float set way to high... I believe the original part number is 385144, but a used one will be just fine. Would be a bonus if it came with the clip that holds it to the choke bellcrank too. Shipping to Canada,can pay with Paypal. Post here or email me @ morgan64@gmail.com Thanks, Taylor
  2. While I would normally agree, these are for the rotax. Which I don't really considered an aircraft engine, even though it powers ultralights. I use to be an aircraft mechanic for helicopters but changed careers over a decade ago. The wage was poor and my heart was never really into aviation. Got to see a lot of unpopulated places in the bush and alot of the methods I still use and apply today.
  3. yes i am willing to make my own wires, just wondering if the "metallic core" will be fine or do i HAVE to get the copper core.
  4. unfortunately don't have a store like that around where I live. NAPA is the only parts supplier that carries spark plug stuff, and even then it is limited. I'm surprised I found what i did. Best bet is ordering online for most things.
  5. Hi all, working on a Canadian 1950 Dodge D34. Spark plug wires look 40+ years old and are in need of replacement. I have made spark plug wire sets for HEI setups before. Done some searching here and it seems to avoid carbon wires and use copper core wires. I have found most of what I need at Napa, however they have no copper core spark plug wire nation wide. They do have 7mm spark plug wire with a "tinned metallic" core (http://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BEL734803). Is this OK to use? If not I can get 7mm stranded copper core spark plug wire from an aircraft parts supplier: http://www.aircraftspr
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