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  1. 1950 B1-C from Brewer Oil Co. One of their original delivery trucks.
  2. Update: I took the distributor off and cleans and reoiled. Someone before me had taken the connector between the points and coilwire off. I put in a new connector and rewired the points. To my surprise, the bottom plate was bent. Not sure how this could even happen. I attempted to straighten it and it took my vise and a good bit of pressure to get it close to normal. Anyway, checked connectivity after all was done and it checked out. Good connectivity from distributor wire to base and points. When points opened so was the current, so all seems well. Reinstalled the distributor and the system still did not fire. I am running the current through a resistor that knocks the voltage down to 6volts which is how it was wired when it was running. Pretty much at a loss at this point.
  3. 1952 B3B...pretty darn good shape for 67 years...I found the turn signal lights and have wired them just not installed as of yet.
  4. Plymothy Adams, back to the "flexible" wire. Isn't it a ground wire anyway between the two plates?
  5. Jeff - the points I installed came from Autozone and they are their Duralast brand. Not sure the overall quality. If you can, I would like to have the Pertronix part number as I couldn't find the fit on their website.
  6. MBFowler - Thanks for the info. I will give that a try as well and check the wire.
  7. Thanks, I'll check it again... Opens and closes like it should.
  8. Thanks, points are clean and it ran good for several hundred miles, so I thinks parts are correct. What wire is the "flexible" wire you mention?
  9. Drove truck into garage and it sputtered and missed for first time ever. Acting like carb, but not sure. Two days later, I went to move it out of garage and it would not start. Turning over very well, but won't start. Really didn't even try. I coasted it out to its spot in the drive and didn't test it for a couple of days. It is getting gas and I even tried starting fluid to no avail. Next with a friends help, there is no spark. It has new distributor cap, new rotor, new points, new condenser, new wires and it has been driven 300 miles since the tune up and it ran great until that day. Check voltage to and from coil and it is good. Rechecked coil wire and it is good. At a loss...thinking something up with the distributor itself. Any ideas?
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