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Lets see pic of your trucks


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With this nice new format (so much easier to post pic), lets see some pictures of your rides Here is my '48 B1 108" Woodie project With new names this is a great way for everyone to get to know what everyone is driving (you can download pictures, if not to large, right from your computer.. if you need help resizing a pic, email them to me boones53@bellsouth.net and I will be more the happy to help..


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I HOPE to be painting it this weekend. I have a little more clean up to do first, but if all goes well this week it'll be ready.

That's the goal anyway. Once that's done I can set the engine and trans back in. I fired up my rebuilt engine for the first time this past Friday. (It purrs nicely):) After that, brakes and body work. :(

It's a long road, but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere now.


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Guest Dave Claussen

This is mine with just the cab on. I've since removed the cab and I'm getting ready to remove the old suspension and get the frame cleaned up and ready to paint.


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Here's Old Yeller getting ready to go to a truck show last summer in Plymouth , Ca.  And another posing by at Lions Lake in Grass Valley,CA.


1 old yeller 19.jpg

Edited by Reg Evans
A few years later
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It is hard come up with a number of Pilothouse woodies made, but I believe that there were quite a few because they were used commercially by hotels, resorts, schools, etc., like vans aqnd SUV's are used today. Since they were mostly commercial vehicles, they were rarely cared for the way a private car would be which I think accounts for why there are so few left.

As far as 4x4 B-Series Pilothouse woodies are concerned, mine is the only one I have ever heard of. I also know of three other woodies that were built in this era on Powerwagon chassis. All 4x4 Dodge Woodies made in the late 40's and early 50's were custom ordered one-off vehicles, and they are extremely rare.

The 1950 Dodge Powerwagon Woodie owned by George Wellman was originally built as a retirement gift for a lumber company executive in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or somewhere up there. You can read about it on the web, just search Google. My 1948 Dodge B1B108 Pilothouse 4x4 Woodie was ordered that way in 1948 by a lady who owned a ranch in Dallas, Oregon to use to drive from the ranch to town in rough conditions. I think she had it built on the B1 chassis rather than the Powerwagon chassis because the B1 looked a little more civilized. I know where two other Powerwagon woodies are, but don't know much about their history.

Email me your list of of Dodge truck woodies and I will add the ones I know of to it and return it to you.


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Charles, do not know the name of the owners except for you and Tom

but I had found the following during internet searches (minus your 4x4), the blue one that was forsale in the woodie times (on cover of American Woodies) and a shell of one up in PA (buddies found it - have not seen pictures yet)






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The yellow one is a 1949 B1B108 owned by Tom Parsons. It has a brand new hemi motor in it. It's a real rocket ship.

The green one is a 1950 B2B108 owned by Brad Anderson (formerly owned by surf legend, Dewey Weber). It is restored stock.

The red one is a 1949 B1B126 owned by George Narancic. It used to be a fire truck command car. It is now restored stock and painted green.

The burgundy/redish one is a 1949 B1B108 owned by Kathy Reinhard. Her dad restored it. It has a mild v8 motor in it.

The one that appears black was actually green in that picture and it is my 1949 B1B108 woodie that is now being restored stock. It is now red.

All five of these Pilothouse woodies are here in California.

The first, second, and fifth woodies in your post were the three woodies that led the parade of woodies on the cruise 20 miles down the Pacific Coast Highway at the conclusion of this year's 27th Annual Wavecrest Woodie Meet. We got the honor because I am this year's President of San Diego Woodies, the sponsoring club. It was really cool.

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Since the P's and D's and Pilothouse folks seem to be sharing the same member list, it is good to see the enlarged community. The list's ability to have you vehicles picture with you profile really defines the character of the group. If you haven't checked out the member list and its gallery of stars, I would encourage you to do so. If you haven't included your's yet, whatchuwaitinfer????? We wanna se your stuff, drivers, show pieces, works in progress, barn finds, basket cases, and even pile o parts.

So check it out and add yours.

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Hope you can see this. This is my 1948 B-1-D, 116. It has the original flathead 6, all lights, turn signals and gauges, vacum wipers work. I refinished the bed boards and have since put new tires on the rear since this photo, they were rather bald and weather checked. I have since added 3 kerosene flares to a bracket right behind the driver door mounted to the side of the box, which look cool. I am in the process of looking for rims and fender extensions to convert the rear to duals for that extra tough stance, which is pretty cool already.

Like the new site here!!


Oakdale, MN

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