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  1. Sharps40

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    I used trex like composite product in mine. An aged silver/grey called something like beachouse cottage or some such. You can get it in thicknesses like 5/8, 3/4, etc. Got it at lowes. Perfect, no stain, machines like wood, wears like iron.
  2. Yep. And the museum pieces are already in the museums. Have fun with it and if anybody is acting like a turd about your plans, tell em to go lay in the yard!
  3. Build it your way. Modern ford driveline will make it powerful and responsive for modern traffic. The Independent front suspension should work when rebuilt, adding power disc will make it safer in modern traffic. Power rack if you can. Then, add some AC and you'll have comfort and reliability and a simpler ability to have it fixed should anything happen on the road.....go to the modern ford mechanic! For those that like lumbering along on a flathead six with truck gears out back and a clashing tranny double clutching midway between and the ever present worry in the back of their mind about breaking down/did I pack enough spare parts in the trunk for the trip....I respect them. They make a great choice for themselves....and themselves only. Go make a great choice for yourself! And whatever you choose, enjoy it. The 48 Special Deluxe Coupe is a serious contender in the Top 5 beauties of the post war period.
  4. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Running boards will also be B5 with black rhino liner to simulate the rubber mat. Dash and window frames also in B5 and offset by Burl Walnut Dash panel and the original chrome trim pieces. Original stainless trim on the belt line and hood should make the car pop. I picked up a NOS 37 Dodge Ram hood ornament to replace the heavily pitted original for $60 delivered. Chrome steelies with baby moons and wide whites. Final motor and transmission install with wiring and first start coming soon for 300 horse with AC. This is rapidly shaping up to be the car Dad wanted to build 60 years ago.....with a few modern amenities.
  5. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Ol Bessy is getting her makeup on! 2015 Dodge HellCat B5 Pearl Blue.
  6. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Finally got Dad to snap a pic of the color going on the car. 2015 HellCat B5 Pearl Blue.
  7. Sharps40

    Making smoke.... on purpose.

    Fire departments and folks that check air flow on ranges and other facilities use a glycerin smoke machine. Nice smoke, likely way less toxic. Maybe buy one (or google making one up) and attach it to the back bumper or something.
  8. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    This is the thread. Many of the initial photos not functioning. Photo Host site issues. Some of the more recent 17 and 18 photos are still up in here.
  9. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Mine is a 37 dodge 4 door d5 touring sedan. Front suspension is Fatman. 37 Plymouth front frame is same/same as dodge, back doors, running boards and rear vent windows are not. In any event, even the Fat Man made to fit kit is not made to fit until you make it fit. Anybody says otherwise has not installed one! Good kit, same amount of work as about any universal weld in cross member kit plus a bit more for the humped front frame arms.
  10. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    I see. Not on the control arm but gusseting the tube it rides inside. Will check next trip up. They may not be done with the front end. Still notching for pan, exhaust, etc.
  11. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    None of the fat man tubular have gussets there at least I've never seen one on a car that was gusseted. We used same on dad's 47 chev truck and 20+ years later it's still good. I trust it. Fat man has a good rep in the industry.
  12. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Early frames are a bit narrow. Some clearancing is needed for a 5.3l
  13. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    Just talked with Dad. Evidently the fit is very tight. As such, clearance was required both of the firewall, frame and the Fat Man Crossmember. Dad advises that the motor mounts are frenched into the frame rails. (This is because Ma MOPARs factory frame is boxed by extensions of the X Member/drive shaft loop. Much stronger and stiffer than the factory GM/Chevy/Ford frames of the time.) Additionally, the FAT MAN suspension crossmember had to be cut and reboxed to make room for the 5.3L V8 at the passenger side as well as a dimple in the frame for similar reasons. Engine/Trans has been in and out of the car several times now and the next step is first paint. In the next week or so, Bessy go's into the booth to have the frame and firewall sprayed and the first coat of 2015 HellCat B5 Pearl Blue shot onto the firewall area. From there back to the maintenance bay for final driveline install and staring on the wiring/cooling/etc to get it all running before assembly and final paint. Good Progress.
  14. Sharps40

    1937 Dodge, Ol Bessy Is Coming Home!

    From the shop, Ol Bessy shows progress. Firewall is reinstalled and completly updated to fit the new V8 engine. Motor mounts are completed and the new floor is almost done.
  15. Sharps40

    Engine stalls and misfires

    Probably running with the fuel bowl over full.....trash in the needle blocking it open. Start it, rev it and give the joint where the fuel line enters the fuel bowl of the carb a few healthy wacks with a screwdriver handle. If its trash, you'll knock it loose, the needle will open and close properly and you can then clean out the tank, lines and change the fuel filter.

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