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  1. Got Ol Bessy up to VA. First Dad has seen her together and first drive in nearly 40 years. After watching, you'll understand why we went with a 1st Gen Chevy V8. Dad will be 82 soon. And She is now the way he always wanted her........sometimes it takes a life time to get there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfrYDCttGW8&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSnIt0hSwvU&t=11s
  2. Clean up the plate and flip over? Or just a light pass on a surface grinder?
  3. Try not to over think or over engineer points swap and adjustment. Simple. Assuming timing is correct, proceed as follows... Install new points and condenser, cap, rotor, etc. Make initial adjustment of gap to about 20 thousands, match book cover is fine. Start and warm engine. Install dwell meter and check reading. Set the dwell for the smallest number of degrees called out in your manual for the dizzy. (This will be largest point gap and allow the points last the longest.) E.G. doing it this way
  4. Dad, First endurance run today. 232 miles. Left this morning at 0945 and arrived home at 1600. Just over a full tank of gas and we netted a strong 12.25 mpg with some stops and averaging cruise speeds of 55 mph. From Pekin, NC we went north through Troy, NC to the Pisgah Covered Bridge. Stopped for photos. Then North/around and through the Uhwarrie National Forest to the west side and South to the town of Uhwarrie. From there to Troy, NC again for lunch at Better Burger. Down State 109 to Wadesborough, NC and further South and East to Bennettsville, SC
  5. Dad, Last year i went with the Ford style swan neck mirrors that bolt on. The clip on style for the old dodges always vibrated and fell off. Problem was the curvature of the door shell didn't allow the ford mirrors to swing in enough to be usable without really contorting your neck. So, I cut a 3 degree shim for the drivers side and a 7.5 degree shim for the passenger side and now, I can see out the back on both sides without breaking my neck.
  6. Dad, Big step forward. First high speed highway run for Ol Bessy in about 25+ years. A photo out over the hood headed south on I74.....and a short video of the speedometer and serene music, as we steadily roll South bound at 70 mph. (She's loud and thirsty at that speed but pushed her past 75 mph for a stretch and we know she can do it relatively smoothly. But, with no upholstery at least she's no louder than she was running a tractor motor all those years.) I think we finally have the right operating angles for the drive shaft. Bessy no longer shakes her self apart on hard acceleration and ru
  7. To answer your question directly. Large gap equals small dwell. To set points ignore the points gap/feeler gauge method. Set dwell to lower limit.....(large gap) and the tune will last the longest as the gap closes up and dwell increases with miles driven.
  8. Correct. With a 2 bulb dual filament set of tail lights the turn signal switch overrides the brake. If turn signals dont work with the engine running there is a fault but not in design.
  9. Dad, First highway run today. Made the run to Rockingham for gasoline, (this tank 11.23 mpg mostly on short hop drives). She ran 60 mph on the trip down, pretty smooth. 65 mph on the way back, slightly less smooth. Notes for adjustments over the next few weeks: 1. Dual deuces are harder to keep in adjustment than a single 4 barrel carb. Especially the idle speed. Mostly it seems about getting and keeping both butterflies closed at idle the same way each time. Usually a goose will clear it up but I think we need to fix that issue and move on to je
  10. Since you are not getting much help.....copied from slant 6 forum..... BULLETIN #37 - 5 5/77ENGINE DIMENSIONS CHART 225WIDTHOutside Valve Cover toProd. Exh. Manifolds 17.3"LENGTHBellhousing Face toFront of Block 27.7"Center Line of Fan Belt 28.0"Front of Fan 32.3"HEIGHTBottom of Pan toTop of Prod. Air Cleaner 22.6"Top of Carb. 26.5"Top of Valve Cover 23.8"Pan Rail toTop of Valve Cover 19.7"Above numbers are approximate.
  11. Set cold to get the rebuild running, after 20 minute break on set lash hot with engine off (rotate crank by hand do front3 button up and reheat then engine off for back 3) and change oil. At 500 miles I check lash hot (engine off/same as above) and change oil. Same at 1000 miles. Then I just go with Normal service intervals. Feeler gauge running is a pain in the hand. Much easier engine off and at least inner fender removed. Better yet just remove right fender, only takes 10 minutes after the first try.
  12. So. Good that you have some free radials to try out. But first inspect and repair the front suspension and steering gear. Its 66. At least much of it is just worn out on a 2000 dollar car and swapping on radials is just chasing phantoms. After the repairs get it aligned. Alignment of a worn suspension is wasted effort. Last....try out the radials .
  13. I bought smoothie fab boards for mine. Painted and then masked off and coat with bed liner. Could do same with your metal toppers after removing the rubber. Or just glue the rubber back down. Some darn fine glues out there now.
  14. Just finished about an hour and a half ride with GoodWife. Ol Bessy seems to be happy with the new larger brake master cylinder and brake adjustments. Starts easy and runs pretty smooth. I'll check plugs again later, think she's still a bit rich but that can be solved later. Tuning seems pretty good and the pinion angle is much happier. Lots of squeaks and stuff so still listening closely to the motor but over all, we are happy. GoodWife so relaxed on the ride that she took a nap!
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