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  1. Good gosh fellas. Just rebuild the vacuum motors. Put on a vacuum fuel pump (may need header mod) or an electric vac pump, and if you like add a vacuum ball/ check valve In Line.....or see if the same year dodge, Chrysler, desoto electrics fit. No need to puff up and spur each other like horny roosters
  2. I'll have to call hagerty but from a prior conversation they wouldn't let me drive it .... unless to a show or an ice cream shop. Seems all the companies use that phrase.
  3. Sounds like keeping a "look" is causing confusion. Since it's now 12v- ground and likely has an alternator and will need non original looking plug wires, why not return the confusing dizzy package to pertronix, call tom Langdon and drop in an hei. Hide the square coil. Simple wire to switched ignition source, no ballast, dead reliable. You can always leave in the old coil and ballast with deadhead wires for the look of those components If you gut the old coil hide the square coil inside the firewall and wire it through the old coil shell.
  4. Thanks Mr Bobs! That'll help immensely with the new project.
  5. Dad, Temp solution to flooding cold starts. Add another filter so Ol Bessy can breath. She fired right up. Will run her a few days and if this is the answer then we need to stack both or find a less restrictive air cleaner that looks as good. I guess Ol Bessy dont like wearing a mask either.
  6. While you have it out could you post the length from the front face of the damper to the rear face of the block where the bell housing mates up. Thanks...its for planning purposes on my own project.
  7. Quarter twist on the longest open run at the tightest. Half twist is usually fine if belts and pulleys are good shape. About as much twist as you can do with just thumb and finger. Not too tight, you'll bung the bushings in the water pump and generator
  8. Finally Found a transmission govenor bail and got it installed on Ol Bessy. Should be able to get back on the road today. Some tuning to do and hopefully Monday we get the vin inspection and schedule her alignment. Cant wait. Got only a few weeks left till Dad is here to drive her for the first time in many years.
  9. I'd like to find/make one of the sliding beds for it
  10. 1 hour due west of Fayetteville/ Fort Bragg. That puts it about 4 hours from oriental
  11. If it stays flat head perhaps 3 of the 34mm weber ict/ich would be about right for those siamese runners
  12. I guess we are far enough along to safely say I'm buying this one. At least the loan is approved, insurance bought, and I spent all day pushing paperwork. Getting to the last of it and should have the paper end of the purchase in the mail Fri or Sat. Some pics from the seller while I wait. Hope the Coupe looks and runs half as good on arrival. Kinda 2 dream cars for me and Dad....Ol Bessy the Sedan back on the road and a 37 Dodge Business Coupe to bumble around with her.Hopefully Dad/Mom are serious about moving close to us in the next months. (Dad is 81, Mom is 79 i drive from NC to VA once each month to help them for a week.) Just two weeks back Dad indicated he was so proud of having his Bessy back on the road and wouldn't it be great to have a 37 Coupe or Truck to work on and then ride with her. 4 Days later i found a 36 truck and this coupe. Decided to go for the coupe, it still has what amounts to a truck bed and its the same year as Ol Bessy. Plus the truck looked too nice to consider "working on".From the photos and discussions it seems this one still has the original D5 1937 block in place. So, compression checks, etc on arrival and we'll see if it stays flat head with some old speed parts or not, (somewhere around here i have Bessy's original 37 head shaved 40 or 60 thousands for a compression bump)...but during that conversation two weeks back Dad kept referring to the 292 chevy 6, 3 carbs, automatic, etc. For 81 he still has the bug!He dosn't know about the Coupe yet (wanted to make sure I actually got it and got it here first).With luck, I'll have the Coupe here and running solid before they arrive on their house hunting trip in mid to late August. Dad will be tickled.....Mom will probably hit me. I plan to park Ol Bessy and Huddie (the Coupe) in the front yard so they see both when pulling in. Dad has not yet even seen Ol Bessy the sedan since she's had final assembly and been getting out on the road. Should be cool.
  13. Who says you can't nicely bend Forged Chrome Vanadium Steel with a low output propane torch, 60 seconds of heat and I had this lovely Small Block Chevy Distributor wrench made up, didn't even crack the Indian potmetalsteel! I have accumulated a small but useful collection of inexpensive tools just for such low impact operations. It was two minutes work to save an hour round trip and about $20 at the tool store. But, then I lost the entire rest of the day. Loosened up Ol Bessy's distributor clamp and went to start her up, totally dead. Seems the brake pedal jumped the switch and the lamps stayed on till the new battery was totally dead. Three hours later at 6 amp charge she grunted to life. I bumped the initial timing from 6 degrees before top dead center to 10 degrees before. She smoothed right out and even sounded better. Checked her mechanical advance an it was a solid 32 degrees before top dead center at highway rpm. Added in the vacuum advance and she made 48 to 50 degrees of advance. Just about right for now. I may take out some vacuum advance but for now, didn't hear any pinging or rattles from the motor.. Readjusted the idle speed and took her for a ride. More pep off the line and feels and sounds smoother. Looks like the fan controller is finally adjusted right. I have a 180F thermostat in it so have the fan coming on now at 195F. Seems a good balance for driving as the temps stay at or under 200 degrees and the fan doesn't run too awful long after shut down. The axle seems much happier with the 2 degree shims instead of bigger ones that were in there. I just followed Spicers recommendations for operating angles and such. So, torqued all that down too.....before the test ride. Had her out about 65 mph for 15 miles or so, and feels plenty good. Honked at a few deer and a several folks and brought her home. Put her back on the battery charger at 6 amps for a few hours and later tonight I'll bump her down to 2 amps for the overnight. Should be charged like a bandit in the morning. I don't see any leaks from the new coolant recovery system, so happy about that. So all that done, still waiting on the metering valve kit to fix the brake leak and gotta raise the front end and see what the clunk is, don't know if its steering or control arms or just all the parts settling in to their new old spots.
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