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  1. Dad, Rams horn iron exhaust is in and room for steering is assured.
  2. Dad, Motor mounts done. Trans mount 90%. Choke hooked up. Oil dipstick is installed. Starting to route fuel lines.
  3. Top left or top right if we have room on the firewall and under the dash for the ancelaries. For now I'm not messing with ac
  4. Dad, Tossed the nose back on and started lining it up. 2.5" or more clearance between water pump and radiator. So, will still use a pusher fan, but may be room for a metal one. Almost time to order all the steering and radiator...another week or two.
  5. Dad, Motor is approaching 75% installed. Finalizing motor mounts out front. Accessories bolted on and drive pulleys aligned, much creative cutting and drilling of the good quality Alan Grove accessory mounts to get them to fit in the space available.....damn, Bessy got a narrow frame. Some wiring and waiting the Dizzy, exhaust manifolds but should all fit good....even got room for steering now.
  6. Prolly wrap up the mounts tomorrow....I hope.
  7. Dad, It don't look like much but one more big job tackled. Spent the morning on the Passenger Side, working positions for the lower motor mount bracket. Made up a drill jig and lots of measuring and found I could decrease the engine angle from 10 degrees to 5 degrees by dropping the front end about 1/2".....this put the motor mount bracket bolts just above the bottom of the arch in the front frame. I'll increase the bolt diameter later and sleeve the boxed portion of the frame to prevent pinching when the bolts are torqued. Probably also add an external plate and weld it all once finalized. Still need to trim this side and pretty it up but tomorrow I'll use the drill jig (indexed off the lower and now unused shock bolt hole) to set the Drivers side lower motor mount bracket. The brackets are set 1/2" further back than the motor mount center line as we have enough room to scooch the motor back. Should still allow us choice of large or small cap distributor and gets the crankshaft triple pulley off the steering rack and out of the radiator. In any event, the newly installed PS motor mount is taking weight and we should be 75% done with the installation by lunch tomorrow. After that, I'll clean up the mounts for aesthetics and figure out how to elevate the power steering pump brackets we acquired from Alan Grove in order to clearance the steering pinion. Last step will be to check the angle at the tail of the trans and see if it needs to go up or down any. Progress. PS....we still had time to spread 3 cu yd of rocks in the front yard! Retirement is grand!
  8. Time and money. If you have the cost of a second cam, lifters and gaskets laid back in the checkbook go for it. Otherwise its potentially less costly to break in new parts together
  9. Rule of thumb....new cam, new lifters and/or reground cam, new lifters.
  10. Dad, A full day today. Temporary brace for the transmission, no more jack support, everything taking its weight and I don't have to rely on hydraulics to hold it all up. Hours spent measuring and aligning engine/trans to frame and rear but its all within 1/16" any way i measure it. Trans will need a stiffer brace but for now, this gets me centered and allows me to shove the engine back once I bring its nose down some more. Yard work and vet visit tomorrow but Fri and Sat should be trimming the motor mounts to drop the front of the engine down several more degrees. So, I have left to right figured out. Next is up down and then finally, front to back. After that, more measuring and selection of distributor and exhaust system. Then steering and brake and suspension and wiring and fuel plumbing and..... She's coming along.
  11. In rough. Much to do starting tomorrow.....back to front again. Align the engine/trans up/down, left/right and forward/back. Check fit and potentially modify the Power steering pump bracket, fabricate the trans cross member, repair the frame x member where it was cut out to fit the ginormous other GM transmission, trim and drill the motor mounts, install the frame brackets for the motor mounts, etc.....prolly a couple days with everything still sitting or hanging on chains and jacks and such.....but, great progress. Couldn't have done it without help from GoodWife! Feels real good to have all that heavy iron off the stand where it could have fallen and sitting in better security between the frame rails.
  12. Transmission installed. Penny lifted it!. Break for coffee and nearing the big lift.
  13. Ate breakfast. Cleaning shop. First set of Ol Bessy's motor in a few hours. Hopefully have it roughly set by evening.
  14. Install a new breaker and relay. Install new headlamp relays to maximize volts [brightness] at the lamps and to prevent overheating old or even new dash switches [fire hazard]
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