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  1. Dirty8


    Rebuilding my late fathers 1938 Dodge D8 Touring Sedan Streetrod, got parked 25 years ago due to Brake troubles. My wife started calling it the Dirty8 and it stuck. Plan on driving it with the rust and love my dad put into this car until we can do a full frame off in the future.
  2. Rusty Hope. Great guy, great service, even better product.
  3. Got the Pitman arm back from the machine shop. New ball installed and complete unit has been heat treated again after welding. Fresh coat of paint and this thing is looking brand new!!
  4. New ball end machined!! Test fit tonight into drag link and press in and weld tomorrow.
  5. Well the pitman arm for the 33 got returned for a full refund. Unfortunately they spent a month trying to find the correct 683120 pitman arm with no luck. Sooooo...... off to the machine shop i go! Found a few guys that have experience with this kind of repair and want to have a look at the original to see what can be done about just replacing the ball end.
  6. Ok sounds good i'll keep you posted
  7. Well..... Need to find another Pitman arm the one i received was incorrectly marked with the 683120 part number. I'll have a 600959 NOS arm for sale if i get stuck with it. hoping the place i bought it from can help me out, i'll see shortly.
  8. Didn't see this place posted. Collector Auto Supply. They have a terrible website but give Gregg a call i think they are out of Langley BC. Found me a NOS pitman arm for my 38 shipped from the states but it saved me the extra hit on exchange on my credit card and they seem to have lots of stock locally as well. http://www.collectorsautosupply.com/ International Toll Free: 800.414.4462
  9. Thanks for the help everyone part found and ordered!
  10. Ok awesome that's great, i might have found a 683120 for sale NOS. I'm just going to replace it if this place can find it in the the dusty corner of the building with the old plymouth parts, lol.
  11. This what i'm working with. Part number on the arm is 683112, is it possible it swaps to the 683120 number? From all my searching the car i have is a Plymouth with a Doge nose, Canadian D8. With the limited amount of driving this car will see before I inevitably swap the front end to something more modern, would anyone advise on just running it as is. I talked with uncle who was one of the last people to drive this car and he never felt like there was slop in the steering. He told he last night "that car was always nice to drive solid feel and great on the highway".
  12. I'm pretty sure i found my answer. It's supposed to be round not egg shaped. Now my ? is can this be replaced or am i looking for a new Steering arm (Pitman arm)??
  13. I'm right in the middle of rebuilding my front end and i've noticed the "ball" on the end of the pitman arm isn't completely round. The "ball" is flattened on the sides where the Drag link cups ride. Is this normal or should this "Ball" be round? I'll upload a picture tonight if needed.
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