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'55 clutch pressure - how firm?


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I cleaned and reinstalled my clutch on my '55 C3 B8. Today, I adjusted the clutch linkage via the turn buckle, plenty of threads each way. However, the column shift doesn't want to go into gear (even 2nd) while engine is running and the pedal feels fairly light (or soft), like I can press down all the way to the floor with my hand. How heavy (or light) is this clutch supposed to feel? 


I have a feeling the pressure plate might be shot. I could see the throwout bearing engage with the pressure plate springs (four of them on my model), so there is some articulation there. 


On a side note, I got the box mocked back up and set on the frame today. Friday, I rewired the negative from coil to distributor, as points weren't firing. It's always something...


Any insight on the clutch is appreciated, thanks!





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