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    Auto Restorer, my own fleet,67 Charge,69 Valiant,69 Coronet 500 Conv., 77 D100, 90 W250. Good customer has 53 1/2 ton

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    Car crazy auto mechanic
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    Auto Restorer


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    Peterbourough, Ontario
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    Clasic cars, wood working

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Lifetime car nut. Born into a car family, father was a mechanic, he had a side business at home before opening full time in 1970. By the time I was 10(1974) I was spending all my spare time helping him, finished high school and jumped in at shop with him, took over completely in 1986. We did a lot of Mopar work, he was a Chrysler mechanic for 12 years before going own his own. In the late 90's I got tired of trying to keep up with modern technology and combined with my already interest and owning older cars, turned to restorations. Have been doing this since then offering bumper to bumper service, mechanical and body, about 70 % or better on just Chrysler products.

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