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  1. Hi I have sent you a pm it might be in your junk box I have the handbrake lever in truck but require everything else ..thank you
  2. This is what they look like I only have one ?
  3. Thank you boys ..never seen the like here in England (uk) ..but it makes sense ..I’ve fitted a new tube at the bottom of tailgate and was going to weld up hole but I’m going to sand blast the door and keep it ..now part of the truck 👍 I got new bed rails from dcm classics over with you ..but I worked out sizes of oak boards and had them cut out here I’ve just got to router the edges of boards so channels sit in flush .. do any of you know if ford or Chevy steel wheels of 1950 are the same as I have only 2 original would love to find an original set with dodge centre caps 😍..thanks Paul
  4. Can any one tell me what this rear sliding door flap was used for I’ve seen it once before ..also any idea where I may obtain the complete hand brake assembly all I have is drum on prop shaft the rest is missing rods springs etc ..thanks 👍
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