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LED Tail Lamp Bulbs

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Just ordered a pair of 6-volt LED tail lamp bulbs from this outfit.


What strikes me as interesting is the fact that these bulbs are NOT polarity sensiive - so they will work with either positive or negative ground systems. Wonder how that works, since LED's all must have diodes, which to my understanding ARE polarity sensitive.

Anyhow, these bulbs are less than half the cost of most other LED's I've seen advertised on the internet - my cost for two with shipping was less than thirty bucks.

Sure hope now the traffic behind me will be able to see my brake lights on sunny days. I've already painted my buckets white inside.

Have any of you had experience with these bulbs? How have they worked out for you? Should be a direct reipacemenrt for normal double contact bulbs. :)


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Dave, I was looking on there website, let us know how these work, I did see they also sold light sockets with circuit boards, do you also need these to use there LED bulbs or not.

I also have a friend here a "retired mechanical engineering teacher", he makes little circuit boards to allow the use of brake lights to be used with the signal tail lights, instead of just the 1 stop lamp, he is going to make a pair for me, it's around $20.00 to make these. I will let yall know how that goes.................Fred

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My truck is 12v and I have the nice old tail lights with the Dodge logo on them. I put the led 1157 replacements in them and you could barely see the light. I bought them when I was at the Goodyguys show so I was lucky and got my money back. The vendor told me that the LED lights are used with a light red lens and that the old plastic and glass lens weren't good with these bulbs. I don't know if they have different types of led bulbs but the ones I bought didn't do anything. I don't remember the brand. I hope yours are better!

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My son helped me convert my back up lights to LED bright light bulbs. Hooked them up to work as extra stop and turn signal lights. We put 22 LED's in each backup light on a circuit board with resistors to work on the original 6 volt system. They are nice and bright, however the lens is still clear, the bulbs light up red. So, if those 1157 LED bulbs are made from the Bright Light LED bulbs they should also turn red when lit. Based on that you could change your lens to clear lens and maybe that will make those lights brighter too. If they are not Bright Light LED bulbs they will stay white when lit, then you would need a thinner red lens to make them brighter.

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I looked at that site and couldn't tell if they were the Bright Light LED's or not from the information. That aside, when I looked I also was wondering how these bulbs worked for both tail lights and stop/signals. If they work the same as the regular stop/tail light bulbs do, they have to get brighter when you hit the brake. My son and I talked about that when converting my backup lights. He said in order to make them work as tail lights too, we would have to hook up only half the lights to the tail lights and then hook it up so they all came on when you stopped or turned on the signal to make them brighter. Made since to me when he said that. So..........that makes me wonder if the bulbs you're talking about work that way. Will be interesting to see after you get them.

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