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A very interesting day


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Today, I took the Plymouth out on it's longest trip since I've had it...out to Riverside to meet Bob Amos and have him take a look at my car. Since it can't go on the freeway, yet, I had to take the old roads, which are what my car belong on anyway. It was a nice drive out there on the former old U.S. Highway 60...


Since the old highway is now superceeded and, in parts, covered over by freeway, I had to drop down to another road, stopped and got an In 'n Out then got lost. As I was looking for a place to make a U-turn, I moved into the middle lane and as I started to brake, my pedal went down to the ground...no brakes! Man, talk about a helpless feeling. Since I was going uphill, I turned into a persons driveway quickly to get off the busy road. The driveway was slightly uphill and so the car came to a stop, but slowly started it's way back down. Seeing the onslaught of cars coming, I pushed the clutch in and threw it into first, which jerked the car, but kept me from going back. I then pulled up a little farther to where it was more level and turned off the engine. I sat there for a sec realizing just how bad this could've turned out; especially since I had just come from a congested area and the brakes could've gone out then. I called AAA for a tow. Since I was not far from Bob's shop, I told them that I would like to be towed there. Anyway, the tow truck wasn't coming within the time it was told it would and I was getting anxious because Bob said he would be there till 2 PM and it was near 1:30 PM. As I sat there, the owner of the house drove up (an old guy) and looked at me as if to say, "What in the hell are you doing in my driveway?" I walked over to him and explained what happened. He said that it was no problem, since he could get around. Before he proceeded, he asked me if it was a '38 and I told him it was a '47. He smiled and drove back around the house.

As I sat there, I grabbed the gas pedal and pulled it up. Then, I pushed it down and had pressure. I pressed down with my foot and still had pressure. I was wondering if I should chance it and try to get to Bob's shop before he left or sit and wait for a tow truck that seemed like it wasn't going to arrive. I decided to foolishly take a chance, but for some reason the pressure was back and I could brake, but took no chances and drove slow, allowing myself plenty of stopping room. Also, planned for a place I could turn into in case I lost brake power again. Finally, I arrived at Bob's shop and he put the car on the rack and saw what had happened. (I'll let him explain what it was, since I can't remember exactly word for word.) Bob also took time to help fixed the amp gauge wiring so that it wouldn't read the opposite direction. He also looked over the underside of the car and pointed out some other things that needed some attention. I think that was the first time I really got to see under my car that well.

Anyway, after Bob was ready to leave, I decided to take another chance and drive the car home, since the brakes were working. I know...it was foolish, but I made it without any failure. Don't worry, I know that this was a warning from above and I won't be driving the Plymouth anymore until I take it in for the brake system overhaul this coming Monday. It was scheduled for wiring, but this is more important now.

Man...what a day!

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I had a master cylinder go bad and it acted like that. Sometimes the pedal would slowly go to the floor, other times it worked OK. Glad you made it home safely. Bob has quite a shop there, huh?

Yeah, Norm. It's a nice, clean shop, too. Hey, I'm still planning on getting out there, but have to get these brakes up to par, first. My friend wants me to take my car to Mooneyes out near Irwindale on December 9th. Not real familiar with it, but I heard it's mainly a rockabilly themed show with chop tops, primered cars and hot rods from the 50's and 60's. Don't know if my car will fit into that crowd, but they'll have to make do, I guess. Here's the link.

The show:


The Mooneyes site.


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Darin, I am glad to see that you made the trip safely home. I was a bit worried that you had chosen to do so but figured that you were a big boy and would take no unneeded chances if the failure reoccured.

It was great meeting you too. Sure wish that I had more time to spend with you but I did have a business appointment that need my attention.

As to what happened to Darin's car. Basically, his master cylinder leaked. Albeit a momentary leak it was still enough to cause the pedal to hit the floor and his heart to start pumping much quicker than it normally does.... Because it was now working one of a couple thing may have occured. One, his pedal pressure was such that the hydraulic cups inside were positioned at a point that may have been pitted or, the lip of the cup may have hit a snag from a pitted area and twisted enough to allow fluid pressure and pedal to drop. Either way, since there was fluid present in the cylinder opening the master will need replacing or repairs. The rest of the system shows signs of a total rebuild being needed right now!! Since Darin already has an appointment to take it to a local shop he will be operating with safe brakes soon. SO, if you see his yellow P-15 on the road there will be no need to give him a with berth for your own safety... Again, good to have met you Darin. Thanks for visiting.

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Guest dmackustom

Go check out mooneyes! its a good time. If nothing else the proceeds go to a good cause. Check out the "Artist At Large" booth as that is the company I work for. Say hello to my boss Dennis McPhail and experience a little Kansas flavor.

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