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2nd Rotor Failure in Six months

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Last December I had an ignition issue that this forum helped me trace down to a rotor short. I replaced it with an old spare I had around, and haven't had an issue since. Well, I was out running some errands yesterday, and I lost all spark again. With some troubleshooting, I determined it was the rotor yet again. Luckily I had a new spare, so I was able to get back on the road, but I wouldn't think a rotor would fail that quickly. This was a rotor off a spare engine I picked, so I'm not sure when or where it was manufactured. I didn't see any carbon buildup on it, or cracks in the plastic.


So, what would cause two rotors to fail in such a short amount of time?

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Exactly what failed? If the rotor button is burned off and the spark has to jump too far ..... you got some kind of aftermarket coil pushing too much volts through a stock rotor.


My last rotor failure was a cheap plastic body that wore out and allow too much slop in the timing ..... How do yours fail?

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