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Miss Daisy at Eastnor Castle


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On May 28-29 my Wife and I took our Miss Daisy to Eastnor Castle. It was a small event for cars but there were about 10 Steam Traction Engines there as well. We had a load of people come and talk to us about our car. Most people have never even heard of a Plymouth and many think the body style is from the 50s here in England. The highlight came when an elderly woman said to me, "I'm blind. Can you tell me what your car looks like"? I told her it was cream in color and then realized she may not know what cream looks like. She was a frail lady around 80 years old and a bit unsteady on her feet. I took her hand and showed her the car from the roof down the opened front windshield then along the long hood. I had her step on the running board and all along the side of the car. I then asked her if she would like to sit inside. She responded that she did not want to put me out. I assured her she was not. She got in the back seat and was amazed at how comfortable it was and how much room there was. The person she came with took a picture of her and she had the biggest smile on her face. She thanked me about 4 times for taking the time to show her our car. I don't know her name but she made both my wife's and my day.

Of the 20 cars at this show, ours was the only one she came to. I hope we made her day as well.

Eastnor Castle - Wedding & Event Venue Hire - Herefordshire - Tagvenue.com Eastnor Castle

DSCF4339.JPG Miss Daisy leaving Eastnor Castle's Main Gate


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Blind observers brings to mind a tale my dad told me, which is highly inappropriate for the great moment that is described above.  But inappropriateness never stopped me.  

In the days before flying machines, there were hot air balloons that would be a feature event at a fair.  A blind man at the fair kept asking his friend, "Has the balloon gone up yet?"  Every so often, "Has the balloon gone up yet?"  Finally the answer was "Yes.  The blind man then said, "We can go home now."  


I don't know what is a proper response to that story.  Superficially funny, but somehow sobering.  Be grateful for the gift if sight, but somehow blind people make the most of what they have.   

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A very nice story and a wonderful insight to let her use her hands to see the car. I am reminded of the movie "Mask" with Eric Stoltz, Cher and Sam Elliott. The scene where Rocky Denise (Stoltz) at a camp for the Blind, helps a young girl feel the colors Red, Pink, Green and Blue, using a hot rock for Red, a warm rock for Pink, a cool rock for Green and a cold rock for Blue. 


Joe Lee



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Yes, let the sun show the difference among colors.  On a sunny day, Ben Franklin put different color squares of cloth on a snowbank.  Of course, the Black won the race.  The Red was close in the pack, but the Green was right there next to the Black.   People would paint the park benches Green, mindful of the Green grass and leaves which seemed cool.  Sit on the park bench - HOT".  It's the evaporation through the leaves and grass that helps cool them. 


Back to the topic of cars,  I heared that someone developed a paint that reflected the infrared well, despite the dark color.  I wonder what became of it/      

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