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12th Annual "International Work on Your Truck Day".....

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Its that time!  MAY 27th or 28th is the day!


Its time to work on your truck, dust it off or wrench away! 



The Five Rules:


1.  Work on your Truck. Not a Hybred, not a Moepee'd , not a  Ferd or a Chevee......well, unless any of them are a truck, then I guess its Ok.


2.  Report what you did to the Forum.....not the girl at the post office, she doesn't care, she's just trying to get the junk mail sent to you.


3.  Post a picture of what you did. Its all good, sitting in it counts.....but at least hold a hammer or something.


4.  Explain how you got the truck, what inspires you about it.


5.  Try to share the days experience as soon as you can!!!


                  Let the games begin.....





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Not sure what I'm going to work on tomorrow. I got the cooling system wrapped up a few days ago. Really pleased with it except need a new gauge so no antifreeze yet.

Yesterday I finished up the alternator installation .... fabricated the brackets & very happy how it turned out ..... Just too lazy pull it back out & paint the brackets.

Today I have the battery tray & hold down finished & painted. .... Kinda into wiring at this point .... not quite ready though.


Think I'm going to start with pulling the drive line & change the transmission/rear end fluids.

While I feel my Cleveland u-joints are ok, I just want to tear them down, clean & grease before driving it.

And I wont weld in the floor pan while I need to pull the drive line & can do everything from the top.

I want to work on the wiring ..... kinda want a floor to lay on when working under the dash.


Yup it is drive line day for me   :)

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Posted (edited)

Good idea Tim! Get to work on that right away!! 


Drive line it is! Get it done Los-Control!


Im gonna grind on the frame of my Bro's and make it done. 



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well I have been piddling with this off and on and the Barista van is staged under my walk board and ladders for roof access.  I am in the van with a coffee with the selfie.  The job is going slow....this one has shot me a learning curve or two.   But I will prevail over time and have some fresh paint on the roof.   For a short armed person such as myself there is no way to reach the middle of the van roof standing on the ladder...the walk board does make it easier and more comfortable to work.




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Very creative, sounds like you're getting her did.




Got the caps off the u-joints ... been spraying them down with oil.

I have never worked with this style u-joint before. I assume they will come out like any other.


Thought I would drain the rear end oil while u-joint soaking ....... I forgot about the goofy 5/16" size plug.

I do not have a tool for it ..... thinking I can make one from a old bolt on the grinder?


Same issue with the fill plug, it has been mangled from a previous mechanic .... can not fit a wrench on it to loosen it .... I need to try harder.

The drain plug looks fairly mangled also, not sure the correct tool would work with it.


What I really want to do is to weld nuts onto the plugs, then I can use wrenches on them .... Guess it is the Hillbilly side of me.

But the truck is on jack stands facing the wrong direction, the welder wont reach that area .... will save it for another day.


The transmission is no problem & drained, oil was black but ok .... now back to the u-joint removal.


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I was able to check all the boxes. I worked on the carburator linkage today so it will work properly. I had it put together before but it just didn’t seem right. Posted a help message and Brad stepped up to help with lots of pictures. Let me know what you think. I bought my truck from the original owner over 25 years ago and still working on it. Still working on the brakes. I’ll get it done one of these days. I hope everyone has as much fun as I had today. 


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Far as I will get today.  I at least know they are good, the grease in them is not bad .... I know they have been changed before because of the way the locking tangs were bent ... or not bent.

The rear is being difficult because the bed had no wooden floor so they got weather.

While I was beating around getting the rear this far, the front just fell out .... one of the cups fell all the way out and scattered the needle bearings. Most went into the drain pan of old oil sitting under the trans .... I will need to go fishing with a magnet. The front u-joint is easy.

Will let the rear soak in oil overnight & pull it out tomorrow hopefully without causing damage.





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I was sitting on the walk board, feeling the drop in temp, knew rain was coming....figured I was pushing my luck but continued to the front was completed.  Covered it up, jumped on the mower, was going to gut the easements and drainage are of the easement ahead of the rains.  Got that cut and could see the rain just up the road....continued cutting...well, rain did not make it to my yard, all is cut, I am cleaned up and a pizza is in the oven.   tomorrow is another day

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Good deal on the building....I have in my mind a last mod to compliment my LAST mod to the barn....I love being involved in building such as this.


I can probably add that on the other van, the British built unit, I did some parts locating and got a bit of primer in place after establishing the switch tabs would fit as I wished.  I did not even consider the tabs till after setting the switches, chosing to set the switches staggered was my salvation for fit.  I have the panels now in final primer and as stated, the larger finish finals for the dash to compliment the full door cubbies as the van and truck were never fitted as such from the factory.   Yes  that is a right hand door, the van is RHD   


I took a break from the B250 roof and decided to put a few miles on the P15 bz cpe.  Warm day so the AC was spot on  


color me done for the event this year......





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Something tells me FEF going to want a roof  :D


I'm still playing with my u-joints .... Ive never removed the Cleveland u-joints before. Not sure what to expect .... I actually find the greatest U-joints ever made.

If actually in good condition they are easily  serviceable ..... Left to mother nature they need work. ..... Sad they have been discontinued.


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I did nothing to my truck. i had to walk around it to get tools but i looked at it. i have a guy coming out thursday to finalize the details on my new garage. by the end of the summer the truck will be back home in its new spot and maybe ill be able to work on it then!

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I’m in the middle of putting a T5 in my truck and following John-T-53 Project T5

B078F02D-B969-47E1-82D0-C0695E118509.jpeg.65dae61cd18810a0a4d4ebf946c68e48.jpegB83E72F0-C023-4B27-BDB1-B8B7C46AE30E.jpeg.4c4854ced01ad6f96b737b144391ac75.jpegso on Saturday I installed the transmission mount ( Trans-Dapt #9444 ) and attached the battery ground cable to the transmission, getting the driveshaft shortened this week and still need to fab a bracket for the e-brake.

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The Mach I is 98% complete, weather tight and has been moved outside making room for the B3B to come out of storage and into my work space in the garage.  I've had the front sheet metal off and been doing some work on it as well as resurrecting the tailgate and loosely assembled them image.jpeg.8c765a4693a1fac537fd5f348844fd9e.jpegback on.  Lots to do.  At least it's back inside.

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I'm going backwards, but pulled my brothers frame out from the field (it was only there a bit, lol).
I dusted it off for the Truck Show in April, let it sit on the ground.
I picked it up (with help) and cleaned it so more.
Finish I shall !!!
Happy Memorial Day!


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Bigger job then originally thinking, I got her out though.

She is a dirty girl, but has good bones ..... A bath some paint and some fresh lube .... will be as good as new.


I'm glad the previous owner took good care of it & installed new u-joints & kept the yoke greased.

There is so much excess grease on the yoke splines .... all dried up & hard as concrete.

I knew I would have to pull it & go through it before driving  ..... I have been putting it off for a long time. .... I'm just glad I did finally pull it.

It will be fine, just needs some sweat & paint.





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I may have participated a day early.... 

I finally got around to installing the driver's side A pillar piece. I was never happy with how the pass side one laid out so I put the other off. Decided to see how the heat gun handled that stuff. Pretty quickly you can mold it to shape. So I fixed the pass side and trimmed up the driver's.




Also wire wheeled the running board mounts for turkey truck and slapped on some rust coating. 





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glad you got a bit of time for the turkey truck....here it is a week later....the roof on the van is stripped....the roof gutter I have dug the old sealant out and glad I did, it did not look bad but compromised in three places and thankfully not very badly at that.  Today I am sitting and waiting to see if I can get a second set of hands running the sealant in the now primed gutter as I am sure I cannot place and smooth that much of an area solo before skinning over on the sealant.   So working a few smaller issues on other projects and playing fields.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

it's been busy 'round these parts with this that and the other going on, I thought I had completed this task just the other day but WOW that was 2 weeks ago:  since the discovery of the title transfer debacle with the Laramie, had to change the oil in the now daily driver QuadCab and found a lower ball joint zerk that was not gonna take grease...IYKYK :rolleyes:


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Replaced a tire that blew up during a 108 degree heat wave and checked the brakes on old Yeller...

Of course a couple  bolt and nuts came off as a pair creating more work..





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At least I get lots of physical exercise and dream up new swear words😏

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