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Clements Tailgate BBQ 16th Annual Event......


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      APRIL 1st 2023


                   Home of the largest meet up of Dodge Pilot-House Era Trucks

                               in the WHOLE WORLD!!! MARS AND JUPITER TOO!!!

                    We get invaded by Vintage Cars and Trucks from other makers,


                                                          ...at least I don't.....lol   :D

                                                           Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!! Woohoo!

               Its on a private ranch, my ranch, no admission, no tickets to buy, plenty of 6 feet of clearance for everyone!!


Big Blocks, Small Blocks, L6, Straight Six, Old Hemi, New Hemi, Modern Hemi, Don't care, just love your ride and share the story!


                                                                          Timothy A. Estrada aka 48Dodger 

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5 minutes ago, 48Dodger said:

Got a letter from Brent and Julie.

        There coming!!!!




Letter....did it come by carrier pigeon?

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Thanks for communicating Tim....sure hope everyone that attends has a great time.  Just so much to do here...and well, after 6 back to back flights to the mideast ......I went on a flying strike and comfortable with my decision.    I know that the Air Force base is near you...but on checking I cannot link from my local to there to take a hop.   Just do not want to fly commercial.  

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Sounds like a fun trip.  You can count us in.

Let Becky & me know if there is anything we can do, from a distance, to help out.


We may have to trailer it over!  I told everyone last year, "no more excuses".  Truck looks great; painted, new bed, totally rewired, engine completely gone through, transmission rebuilt, interior redone....

One small issue, engine will not start.  appears to be the starter.  The bendix is 'out' and won't retract.  Can't get it to engage the ring gear to turn over the engine.  No engine turning over, can't time & tune it.  Vehicle not running, can't get DMV license plates to drive it over to California.


I still have a month, so will keep trying.  Can't find anyone in town that will work on it so may have to find a new starter and see if that does the trick.

Keep your fingers crossed and save us a place for our '54 Dodge C1-C, 241 V8 with 4 spd trans. & 5 window cab.


Ken & Becky

aka 54Dodgeguy

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My friend Caesar (who has come with me past two years) wants to being his '64 C***y truck. Is that allowed? lol.


As for my B-4-B, I had some sticking valves on the way up last year which I will do my best to address before April. Need to pull the head. If not, I might drive the new '71 console-equipped fuselage C-Body (I sold the banana).


Friday arrival planned. 



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It better be early Friday! lol


Things are cleaning up, the cows are fed, and the trucks are waiting. All is good!

All need is for you show up and party!


Remember the camp motto, "We, who are here, are remembered"



or lossed our keys or something........








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