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Reviving front trim

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I am preparing my 47 WC for new paint.  I have the front trim off and I am in the process of polishing it.  The new after market trim has red highlights in some areas.  Looking at my trim in a couple places I can see indications the original did but it has simply wore off over the years.  Have any of you re-painted the red areas?  How did you go about it?  Did you just carefully mask it off?  Did you paint it with a brush or spray it? any tips to get a good crisp edge would be appreciated.  


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I've not done that specific part but on similar items I've used the cheapest masking tape I could find.  Backwards of my usual selection of the best tape.


The reason was I found a cheap tape that was very thin, and when applied you could vaguely see the outline of the part/letters etc.  Just covered the whole thing and cut away the part to be painted with an Xacto knife.  Much easier than carefully taping each little feature.  Even works in reverse to mask decals on newer cars and tractors.



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