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Yard Art


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This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  A bottle tree.  But I'm going to call it a glass tree.  It's going to have everything from bottles to glass vegetables on it when it's done.  And yes that's a glass head in the middle.  Those were popular in the 80's and 90's. 


The project started out with a piece of 2" pipe I had laying around.  Then I got some 1/2" round rod and started cutting, bending and welding.  It has 12 branches with 3 limbs per branch.  It will have 60 or so pieces of glass on it when it's done.  Some will be hanging from SS wire (the glass vegetables).  


More news latter

Glass Tree .jpg

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I had a bicycle, rusted little 20 inch model....it was parked leaning against a tree in the lower orchard and I referred to it as the 'last ride' I mowed and trimmed around that bike for years....until, a junk collector stole it out of the yard for the 3-5 cents he would get at the scrap yard.   He had no apprciation of 'art' and I hope the bastard got tetanus.  

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Early last Spring i was picking up some manure and ran across this model AA. I spoke with a man at the property and he said they decorate it up at Xmas which explains the remnants remaining in the pictures. 




On my way home with a full load of prime aged crap I spotted a second piece of vintage art of a slightly newer model I believe out on a corner lot not more than a mile from the first one.


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That bottle tree looks good.  Just a thought, how would it look if you put some mini-spotlights at the base shining upwards to make the glass glow and sparkle at night?  It'd be awesome when everyone's chilling in the yard.  I've seen down south where they do that with big old oak trees, looks both creepy and awesome...awesomely creepy?



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1 hour ago, Dan Hiebert said:

mini-spotlights at the base shining upwards to make the glass glow and sparkle

Solar lights will be the way to go so I don't have to run power out there.  Some of those clamp on lights that are advertised as flag pole lights would probably work.

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