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The Plymouth Doctor: AKA Wayne Brandon has passed

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I just received the below information via the POC, Plymouth Owners Club facebook page.


We have lost another major supplier of MoPar parts.  If you have anything on order please take your time. The family and friends will be trying to complete the order. Refer to the POC facebook to get updates.


ATTENTION! Sad news to report that Wayne Brandon, also known as The Plymouth Doctor, passed away on December 9th. ANYONE WHO HAS ORDERS WITH THE COMPANY WATCH THIS PAGE FOR CONTACT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ORDER. The Michigan Region of the Plymouth Owner's Club is helping sort out the situation with the family and asks for your patience until we get this worked out. His funeral will be Thursday, December 15th so nothing will get done until after that date.


Rich Hartung


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I will miss Wayne. I have had the pleasure of buying and selling cars, and so many parts with him since 2001. I have been to his home, and he to mine many times over the years. I also had an open invite to his Hotel rooms that he had at the Hershey AACA meet. Back in 2000, those rooms and ANY Hotel rooms were still VERY hard to find. I did not miss a meet till 2019 and have yet to return.

My prayers go out to his family.


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Not the news we want to hear.     R I P  Wayne.

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I'm sorry to hear about Wayne. I came across his website in the early days of my Chrysler ownership, and it was honestly unbelievable to know that someone was building replacement floorpans and body parts for our beloved mopars. A true craftsman of a time gone by. Rest in peace, and condolences for his family.

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