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Fire wall rubber


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I got my pedals installed and have the rubber grommets but have no idea how they go on and how to keep them from moving with the pedal. I was thinking about cutting them to get them on but it appears all they will do is move with the pedal.


Also I found that the retainer/clutch activator would not go up tight to the face of the pedal (it hit the pedal arm first) so the pedal would flop around. I want to put in a washer but now I can’t get the retainer off so I tapped in a brake retainer clip which worked but I’m not sure for how long. 

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Are you talking about the rubber grommet to stop the air from coming thru the floorboards?  If you are then you have to remove the bolt on pedals then slide the rubber grommet down each pedal shaft. These rubber gromment then have to be pushed through the floorboard so the grommet is on the outside of the floor board and then then will make the seal when the pedal is returned to the resting position. 


Rich Hartung


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I don’t see how they can slide over the pedal from either side. I did have the pedals out to try to get them on. From what you are saying is that the seal moves with the pedal and only seals when the pedal is up.  I guess this is also the stop for the pedal against the floor board since the springs return the pedals beyond the floor board until I get them installed.  

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I suspect that there was a fair bit less consciousness (conscientiousness?) about the importance of sealing the cabin from fumes and the like back in those years.  I didn't find it all those years back when I was rebuilding the floor of my P15, but I more recently found an opening that goes from under the left side of the car in the area where the floor boards sweep up, near the dimmer switch.  It opens up into the cavity below the radio antenna base.  It is all closed up on the right side.  I suspect that one panel was missing a corner, and they figured it didn't matter.  I can hardly get my hand up in there to feel it, so I don't know how I could fix it, either.


But as to the pedal "seals", it seems to me that an expandable boot type affair would be better that this grommet deal.  So that's something I'm going to be thinking about.  Maybe something like the boot that the wire harness passes through from the body of a minivan over to the rear hatch.  (There's also the larger boots that go between the front doors and the cowl area on cars with electric in the doors.)  Maybe it would take two attached together, one smaller diameter than the other, to get enough length.

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