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Name this piece...........


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What would the below pictured piece be called? (Mine in its current state and a pic from the internet)

I have searched "bumper guard / push bar / grill guard" and a slew of other phrases to no avail. 

As you can see the piece on my recent purchased project seems to have served its purpose well. But now needs attention and / or replacement or just taken off.
I suppose I could make a few dies and utilize a 3-lb hammer and attempt to beat it back into shape.
I imagine finding a clean piece would equate to finding a rooster that doesn't crow.

From what I can tell, is that this was only used on the late '49 model Chryslers and not very trim package specific or was it?
Seems to be hit or miss depending where one looks on the internet.
Was it a factory accessory?

Screenshot (37).png

Screenshot (40).png

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4 hours ago, joecoozie said:

 That would be it.......Sold Out.......At least I have another phrase to search for "Crash Bar"
I guess it is back to the big hammer and dolly idea.

I imagine the CHRYSLER placard that inserts in the top member would even be harder to find.

Sniper - How would I contact Andy Bernbaum ? is he a member or ...?

Thanks for the assist, guys.


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I've never seen one like that (either "for real" or even in old movies).  (I like to watch the old movies, and catch a photo of old cars.  Pause it, then do a Photo Snip.)  I wouldn't tend to call it a grill guard, as it doesn't come up very high.  I suspect that many grill guards were after-market items, and probably installed by the dealer, or even by an owner.  [My 49 P15 had a grill guard that required two holes cut through the splash guard - filler panel (between the bumper and the grill), and the holes were rather crudely cut.  I have a picture I captured out of a late 40's movie of one just like mine, on a P15 cab.]

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I tried to find that exact piece for two years and finally had a line on one then my barn burned to the ground with the car in it. Someone on a Facebook flathead mopars had one. I put a wanted post on there

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I think the intent of the bumper guard/ over rider on your car was to keep the bumper of the car in front of you, which you just bumped into, from riding over your bumper and squashing your die-cast, chrome plated grille.  Some of the parking maneuvers back then relied on sound and touch.     

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I've seen the term 'buffer guard' used for this type of accessory.

Try this eBay item: 

 NOS MOPAR 1314082 49 Chry Brkt Frt Bumper Buffer Guard Chrome NOS | eBay 

No photo shown but maybe you can write the seller and ask for one

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