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P-15 Picnic - April 2023 in the UK

Robin (UK)

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Hi All,

Our P-15 Picnic will take place in the UK on 22nd and 23rd April.
The event is organised by, and for, owners of 1946-1948 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars but all classics are welcome.

Owners can also come along without their cars.
If anyone fancies a laid-back weekend with a bunch of great people, a group of fabulous cars and a visit to a major Motor Musem, you'll be very welcome.
We hope to see some of you there.
To help with our planning, please let us know if you're thinking of joining us. Thanks.



P-15 Picnic 2023.jpg

Picnic 2016 square w logo.jpg

Picnic 2017 colour-105.jpg

Picnic Tee 2 Colour.jpg

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If I saw all those Chryslers and Plymouths coming at me, I might change lanes.


Then there's the story of a country that changed the driving from one side of the road to the other.  The first week was for cars, the second week for trucks. 


It didn't work out so well.  

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51 minutes ago, slatgrille said:

And changing lanes upon entering the States...lol!

When I moved from Minnesota to England I never had a problem driving on the wrong side of the road because you're in good company. The hardest thing was looking in the rear-view mirror. I kept wanting to glance to my right.

I do not find driving a L.H. Plymouth in England difficult. Its kinda like being home.

I did have one incident in England where I got into the car to go someplace. When I put my seatbelt on I excitedly said, "Where's the steering wheel"!? Oh, that's right it's L.H. drive, Stupid boy!"

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25 minutes ago, MarcDeSoto said:

I'll be honest, I never thought there was this kind of interest in pre-1950 American cars in England.  Are these right hand drive cars made for export to England?

My 37 Plymouth is L.H. Drive here in England.

You would be surprised how many LH American cars there are here. Not sure of the actual numbers but I would guess in the thousands throughout the country.

My picture is my car in Liverpool where the Beatles came from. She was in the Das Boot series

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What I've always known is the Swedes had an interest in old American cars because I met them when they came to San Diego looking for cars in the 1980s.  Norway to a lesser extent and then I saw there was interest in Germany.  I don't think France has much interest and until this year, I didn't know about England since they have so many of their own collectible cars.  

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Posted (edited)

We're only five weeks out from The P-15 Picnic and now have thirty cars booked in, including eighteen 1946-1948 MoPars, which will be a UK record (if they all make it).
All classic cars and trucks are welcome, so if anyone else would like to join us please drop me a message and we can get you registered for the day, or for the weekend.


Picnic Ad 2023.jpg






Picnic 2.jpg

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