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IAN Hurricane in florida


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I do not know if we have any members of the P15D25 forum in Florida and the Southern states.  I have seen the weather reports and it is not looking good for any of the people located in the Tampa area.


I know that most of the power is out for these people and all that we can hope for is that they are all safe and get through the night without any serious health issues and or property damage.


If any member does get back on please shout out to the group.


I know that a prior member of the NSPC club had moved to Florida and he had a 1940 DeSoto and have not heard from him since the storm has hit his area. If anyone knows Rich Kline and you hear from him please post what you know, Thanks.


Our Prayers and Thought are with you and everyone else.


Rich Hartung


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I just received a facebbok posting from my friend in Florida.  They are all ok and no major damage. Ian was North of their home so they are ok, but there are alot of people that have major damage to their homes and property.  The ones hit the hardest at the Seniors and it sounds as if the water surge has also done a lot od flooding to peoples homes.


Please keep evenone in your prayers and thoughts. This is going to be a very trying time for many people.


Rich Hartung - Philadelphia, PA

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Hey Rich,

I'm in the pan handle and out of the path, but we have had a lot of traffic from the south. My guess is a lot of people remember the one a few years back that ripped right up the middle of the state, and most headed out of the path prior to impact. Gov. Desantis has his head screwed on straight and got a lot of emergency crews and services set up in advance to help the recovery. The ones I worry about are the transplants from Cali and NYC as they are in for a rude awakening. With the enactment of hurricane building codes and what I have seen on the media looks like flooding is the big worry this time. Welcome to the Sunshine state.


Joe Lee

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3 hours ago, soth122003 said:

 Gov. Desantis has his head screwed on straight and got a lot of emergency crews and services set up in advance to help the recovery.

Looks like the federal government (FEMA) also pre-staged a large amount of recovery help as well. Lessons learned from past disasters. FEMA pre-positioning preparations

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with the above pictures this goes to show the power of rushing water and the forces that it has on solid objects. So always be very cautious when traveling through water.

So looking at the pictures the cars are at least 5-6 foot off the ground level. Just think of the water and surf surge that happened and if a person would have been in or ear the garage and to also move these 3-4000 lb cars.


Some of us have experienced hydroplaning in our modern cars with water on the highways so always be careful of standing water.


Glad to be getting reports that people are safe. Objects can be repaired and replaced but lives can never be replaced.


Keep us all posted if anyone has any news or updates.


Yes it also looks as if FEMA and the state got their acts all together. They had plenty of warnings. Hope everyone qualifies for some form of financail help, they will all need it to get their lives back in order.


Rich Hartung 

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