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BSA Car Show

Dan Hiebert

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Last Sunday we went down to Brewer, ME to hang-out with some friends at the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 1, annual car show.  Great day, although a tad warm for Mainers (mid-80's, but no shade and no breeze).  Talked with a bunch of car people, and hopefully made some new friends.  Even met a Forum haunter, said he frequents the Forum a lot, but doesn't post.  I'll leave him anonymous, he'll probably see this if he wants to volunteer his info.


Anyway, cut to the chase - photos!  Keeping it close to our preferred make.


This was my favorite, an immaculate Packard.  Flawless "Packard Maroon" paint.



The fellow's car I mentioned above.  In the family for a couple generations.  Really nice guy.



This P15 was at our show a couple of weeks ago, too.  



Although the blue P15 has a shaved exterior, he had this really neat feature added to the pinstriping.





















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More photos:


This show had a Mopar Row.  A couple of Darts showed up later.



Engine in the above brown Dodge.



Obligatory Lil Red Express truck.



And this show had two!



"Dubbed" Plymouth



There quite a few rat rods.  My wife doesn't get this style.  I don't particularly care for it but like to check out the amount of work and ingenuity that goes into some of them.  This one was the only Mopar, a "Dodge".












Well done.JPG

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And some more photos.  Gonna see how many I can squeeze into one post here...






'27 Hudson






Nice to see this '56 Buick.  It used to belong to a friend up here who died a couple years ago.  It has supposedly been featured in at least one magazine.



Some observations:


Don't know if it's a northeast / Maine thing or not, but I've noticed at several shows up here that entries pick their own class.  This is the first place I've been where they do that.


A trend in owners setting their chairs up in front of their cars.  Makes it hard for spectators and other participants to check out the line-up.  I also noticed that the ones sitting behind their cars tend to be the most talkative.


As PA noted, an increasing number of vermin.  There were at least 20 rat rods at this show. 


A lot of pick-up trucks.  Our show up here had twice as many as last year.  At least 1/3 of this show's entries were trucks.


Still, infinitely better than sitting at home watching cartoons...or mowing the lawn. 



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