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Speaking of Fuel Pumps 6 volt eletrict booster...


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The boot pump on my 47 died. I went to get a new one and airtex has them on back order (E8902) they also make another one (Airtex E8012S) but Amazon will not ship this unit to California !


What a pain in the ass!


Anyone have a good part number for a 6 volt pass through inline fuel pump that is not airtex?


Thanks, James

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The one jfish posted looks identical to the ones I've bought. Generic Chinese pump. It seems like at some point I'd bought one that was labeled Carter or Airtex. I really can't complain about these; usually plenty on eBay. My last ones were from Brock Auto Parts via the 'Bay.

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I went and tried to order several of them on eBay. They would take the order then an hour or two later I would get an email saying that the unit was back ordered and they refunded the sale.


Some 90% of the people selling om eBay and Amazon are just fronts. They have zero inventory. They just take the order and have the items drop shipped and taker a cut. The problem is that these same 90% of vendors do not use real time inventory from their suppliers so until they process the order they do not know if the units is really available.


A buddy of mine found a place in the SF Bay Area that actually had a couple in stock, albeit at $75 each.


The lesson of this particular episode is do not believe what you see until something is actually shipped or you actually talk with a supplier and they have the part in their hand while talking to you. The internet lies....

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There is one other way to deal with the boost pump issue...


Cut the fuel in near the tank and put in a russell one way flow valve. The split the line into a double "Y".  One side just heads to the front of the car like normal and the other side place into it a Carter 6V gear pump which is still generally available.


The only issue is that pump if used as a primary, like the mechanical pump died, must have a return line to the tank with 3/16 hole in a "T" fitting at the car to keep it cool when stuck in stop and go traffic. See my old posts on the subject.


You need the one way valve so when the electric is on it does not push back to the tank.




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Sadly, I have found more and more parts will not ship to CA.  Probably the "emission" or "cancer" rules makes shipping impossible or unfavorable.  More than once I have driven to Reno for a Summit visit to pick up these contraband parts.  There are ways around it but you need to have a friend or family in a "free" state.  Examples I use are:

I have a coworker that lives in Nevada.  When she comes to CA, sometimes I have a package or 5 delivered to her before she leaves.

I have a daughter in New Mexico that brings CA contraband items 3-4 times a year for holidays.  Both car parts and other "items" frowned on by CA :)  She recently hauled home a cat convertor for her grandfather's motorhome...


There are ways around it, do you have a friend out of state that can re-box and ship it to you?

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