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I've crossed over to the Dark Side

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I was at a swap meet last week and ended up buying this 1965 Dodge D100 Utiline. She spent most of her life on a ranch in Coty, Wyoming. 225 slant 6 with 4 speed manual and 3.55 rear end.

20220807_115005_HDR (2).jpg

20220807_114924 (2).jpg

20220807_114914_HDR (2).jpg

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actually with the slant six, you just peeking your head out a tad from the dark ages.....looks like a pretty solid find..you need some Fratzog hubcaps on that monster..😃....I always wondered what these may have fit....look so similar to yours except for the Fratzog              this is not a sales pitch


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Reminds me of my first experience with the slant six.  The airline I worked for back in the sixties has bought a new 63.  Crew cab, (when 4dr six passenger trucks were rare), slant six with Torqflite.  Our hangar was at the North end of a 10,000ft runway on the East side.  The passenger terminal was on the South end, West side.   So just over 5 mile round trip.   When I left that department in 71, it had well over 125,000miles on it, with 127 different drivers.  No engine or transmission repairs! 


It had only been off the airport a couple of times for two 200 mile trips to service a plane grounded at a non-maintenance station.   literally thousands of short trips, lots of drivers and still truckin'!!  Always had at least 4, usually 6 guys aboard + tools.  Slower that molasses in that heavy thing but reliable.

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1 hour ago, Young Ed said:

Wasn't 65 a cross over year where they had an early and late design?

Maybe. The '63 D200 had the same front sheet metal as in the photo. But the '68 D200 my parents had revised the grill, headlights and rear window. Fairly small changes all things considered so it could well have been done as a running change during one year.

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11 hours ago, B1B Keven said:

Wrong grill for a '65, might be a '64.

Nice truck!

Change to single head lights happened part way through 1965. It is a correct early 1965.

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1 hour ago, B1B Keven said:


Must be.

A search shows both grilles for '65.

I learned how to drive in my grandpa's '65. It had the single headlights.

Got curious and grabbed one of my books. Says the second series was introduced in the spring of 65. Along with the new grill many changes to the bed including the elimination of the tailgate chains.

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