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Crankshaft might be toast? Opinion welcome.


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Took a while getting the engine in out of the woods and into the garage. Oil pan had small hole and 3/4 to bottom on side.  No liquid oil in pan, just heavy paste.


I did a cursory look at the 3rd rod bearing and 2nd main.  End of the day and wore out. No time to take it apart further.


The 3rd rod bearing was shiny inside, but didn't see heavy rust, pitting, or scars. Was a clevite bearing shell, was wondering if the 001 was a size?


Really worried about the main bearings. 2nd main journal has a visible ridge in the middle where the bearing shell groove was, which means both sides wore down a lot. Ridge looks bad. Bearing was really worn.  Hard to see in that picture but it's easy to feel the ridge.   It's not one of those, "catch it with your fingernail" you can feel the hump easily.


I'm wondering if the crank for the engine I pulled is toast?



2nd main journal.jpg

2nd main.jpg

3rd rod bearing.jpg

3rd rod.jpg

bearing shell.jpg

Holes in oil pan.jpg

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7 hours ago, Sniper said:

that is, without a doubt, the crustiest engine internals I have ever seen.  I hope it was free.

Yep, was free.  It was basically dry with about 3 small pin holes about 2" from the bottom of the sump.   That main journal had a visible ridge in the middle.  In the woods at my father's.  At least I can have another spare block, a few extra rods, the vibration damper and pulley (which I needed), another head (now 3).  


You at least know why they parked it.  My father towed it down for parts.

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