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I mistakenly posted this in the p15-d24 instead of the truck forum.


I'm needing to rebuild my starter, which is an Autolite MCH6103. That's at least what's on the placard, but it's only dangling on by 1 rivet so who knows if that was thrown on after a previous rebuild. 


My question is, are the starters interchangeable which these engines? Would I be okay using an MCH 6101, MAW4032, MAW4052, or even a newer Wilson? I just can't seem to find much literature on these to look at specs and compatibility. 



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I don't know if this will help, but I recently installed a 12V mini gear reduction starter. The web site says it replaces"MCH-6101, MCH-6102, MCH-6206, MCH-6205, MCH-6202, MAW-4041, MCH6305". My truck had a 6201 (not original). It worked for that also. 




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It is a company called Snap Rebuilders. I did a review on it in this forum. I think you can click on my name to see the posts.

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On 8/4/2022 at 1:29 PM, juanmc87 said:

What did you buy for your replacement? I'm starting to think that for the sake of future headaches, going 12v might be best. 


the original 6v starters will handle 12v just fine.  i recently replaced mine because i went with a shorter-nose starter in order to clear the mounting boss/location for the full flow oil filter on my 251.  the truck had been converted to 12v when i purchased it in 2007; the starter still works fine.


if you are running one of the 23-inch blocks, you don't have to worry about a full flow filter, and any of the truck starters will interchange.  fwiw, i purchased a wilson starter, mch6106, which is a short-nose starter like your 6103.



the wilson 6106 starter installed




my original long-nose starter next to the shorter wilson



they look the same length because of the camera, but the old starter is about 2 inches longer.


you can see that they have slightly different profiles and arrangement of the lever, but they work without any modification when installed.  the nose cones are clocked slightly differently.  you might also note that my original starter had the external return spring around the lever mounting stud, and that the wilson does not have that spring.  no matter, it works correctly with the foot-pedal mechanism.



the wilson installed with the full flow filter

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