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Original paint - what kind of wax?


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Hey everyone - my 1950 Plymouth still has its original paint which is in very good condition and I was wondering what kind of wax I should be using on it.  I’ve tried a couple of different ones but haven’t really been satisfied with the results.  Any suggestions?

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I had a black '49 Dodge  that probably was painted in the 60's.


I used some meguiar products, first it was the cleaner I believe the megairs# 7 then I used the meguiar# 26 paste. This product kind of oiled up the oil paint and made it very shiney. I did it by hand and took my time doing over a week.

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My 1953 Plymouth with original paint. I’ve owned the car since 1975 and have used several different waxes. For the last 10 years or so I have used Meguiar’s Liquid Gold and been very satisfied. Make sure paint is cleaned well before using it as it is not a cleaner. I wax the car once a year and it does live indoors. 







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first wash the car to get any road grimes and dirt off the car. Use a car cleaning product to wash the car and do not use kitchen dush soap it removes the wax from the paint.


Then go get some microfiber cloths and some detail spray and a clean claybar. Spray in a small area the detail spray, this acts as a lubricatant so that the clay bar will slide over the paint and not stick to the body.  The clay bar will clean the body or paint of alot of the road grime and weather contaminents that are onthe paint.


Do the complete car. Then put on a quality paste was or polish  of your liking.  I use Mcquires products. I have then finished the since with a ceramic spray on coating.


The process will take you several hours but the color might come back


Rich Hartung


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