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'48 P15 Dashboard color or wood grain


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A specific woodgrain pattern and color was used originally on all closed cars.  It is my understanding that convertibles had body color, but I've never seen an original convert "in person", so I don't know for sure.


But it is, of course, your choice.

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connect to the company call Grain-it in Florida.  They are the experts that teach all of the guys that do the wood graining professionally. They do have an owners kits that is very easy to use. I have done a couple on my 39 Desoto.  They have allthe supplies and can answer your questions.


Rich Hartung


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All P-15 Plymouths except convertibles had woodgrained dashes and window moldings.  I think the color was Flemish gray.  If you don't want to pay a pro, you can do it yourself.  back in the day I used  a tan lacquer basecoat.  Then I used printer's ink and solvent glazes over the basecoat.  But today, I would use artist oils for the glazes.  when it dries, you shoot clear lacquer over the glazes in several coats and then buff it out to a shine.  I did my 48 DeSoto with a bristle brush for the straight grain on the top and bottom of my dash, and used a wadded up newspaper for the burl effect in the middle.  





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I have a P19 (1950 fastback) that I have been bringing back from "junker" status to look like a well used old car.  The dash was really rusty with just a trace of wood grain.  I removed it and used the Grain It process.  The pictures show how it came out.  


The comparison picture is with a better P19 I have which has the original dash.  The color is different than original - less brown.  I think the angle of light makes my repro look lighter than if it were at the same angle as the original. 


I found the process easy and enjoyable to do.  Back when I did this I had no experience in finishing the clear coat.  If I had wet sanded and polished it I think the results would have been great.  As it is, they are certainly not that good, but good enough for this project.

IMG_0623 2.HEIC Compare.HEIC

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