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1st gear new clutch


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refaced flywheel new clutch disk and pressure plate installed

with clutch pedal pressed down and trans in 1st gear when i let of the clutch pedal 

car stutters and jumps only from standstill

when moving goes int other gears smooth even into first 


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Did you make sure everything was tightened correctly and evenly?  Any possibility of grease or oil getting on the disk or pressure plate? Make sure your transmission and engine mounts are tight and in good shape. And be sure the clutch linkage is not bent or out of alignment. And did  you replace the throwout bearing?

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tightened everything correct and even 

no oil or grease

will look over mounts

what is clutch linkage

replaced throw-out bearing

thinking of doing it over again to check my work

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the universal joints are the ball and trunnion type 

seemed to turn freely no binding or play

i have read the stories with these type of u joints so i dont ant to take it apart yet

one problem at a time

i think it may be the linkages or a mistake on the assembly

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I had a turned flywheel warp on me once it took me forever to figure that out. put a run out gauge on clutch surface and was 40 thousands out of wack grabbed like mad  

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took the clutch apart again

found errors on my part i didn't tighten pressure plate properly 

changed the engine mounts

will also change the clutch torque shaft bearings

waiting for helper to button up for test drive

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On 7/26/2022 at 2:17 PM, chris 48 P15 said:

ordered the clutch shaft pivot bearing will replace and see if solves problem

If thats what were calling a throw out bearing I bet thats the problemo

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