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1963 Ford Fairlane 500


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I have three great old Mopars but I also own a 1963 Ford Fairlane 500. 

I’ve owned this car since 1979. It was once a daily driver but became a keeper. Motor was getting tired and I had the original 260 V8 rebuilt nearly two years ago. Yes, those are the right  engine colours for the year. Ford engine blue arrived a few years later. Radiator was recored and the leaky transmission checked over and all new gaskets. 



Seats were always a bit shabby and had after-market solid blue seat covers for years. This last winter I sent off the original covers to SMS in Oregon and they made new ones same as the originals. Took a while but they did nice work. My local upholsterer put them over the original frames with new padding. I got them in the car last Friday. 




Been driving it lots!!






One of my favourite views. 




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One of my favorite 60s Fords.   2spd Fordomatic?   I had  60 Ranchero with that trans.  Bought it, cheap,  with a deep knock and no drive.  Everyone assumed it was a rod out.  Broken stud on the torque convertor.   Really loud and let all trans blood out!  My first auto trans rebuild.  torque converter, clutches and seals.  One of my best deals ever.


Later had a 66 Rancho.  Not nearly as pretty as the earlier ones, IMO.   But a lot more engine!

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I always loved the styling of those Fords ..... I was a bit of a Falcon man myself.  Fairlane was too high class for me   :D


My Wife Grandfather bought a new 1963 Ford Galaxie .... Just amazing that it it is a true survivor.  2 door, 352/3 on the tree. White with red interior.

The only way it survived was Grandpa pulled the heads for a valve job in the '70 during the gas crunch. He did the valve job on the heads himself ..... he just never bothered to put the engine back together .... covered the car up & forgot about it.


Just beautiful cars built  back then.

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We had a 64 2door.  Six three speed.  Fairlane 500.  Burgundymetallic, tan interior.  Bought in 67 with 32000 miles. For 500 cash Drove it for 2 years and put another 30k on it.  Because it was a stick shift, we traded it when I went into Army basic training.  We bought a 66 Mustang 2+2 289 automatic,  the dealer allowed us 895.00 in trade for the Fairlane against the 1375.00 on the mustang.  We financed the balance for 2 years.  If I remember our payment was 23 bucks a month.  We drove the Mustang till 72 when I sold it to my brother in law for 650.00.  This meant we drove the Fairlane for free for the 2 years, with all the transactions and no expenses other than gas and oil and front swaybar bushings both those Fords were the best car deals I ever made except for getting my P15 for 225 bucks.

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