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original 1948 p15 colours?


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Hey guys! 
currently working on restoring the exterior of my 1948 special deluxe club coupe. After wet sanding I’ve discovered GREEN is the original colour. I’d love to find out the exact name or paint code of it, anyone have any ideas or leads? 



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56 minutes ago, greg g said:

Check the charts and chips at autocolor library.  Search by year and make.  Balfour green rings a bell.  Check the earlier year's also.  The firewall should be body color unless somebody messed with it.



If I recall correctly, Balfour Green is a light color.

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   At the top of the page, there is a resources tab. Click that, then P15 reference, scroll down to a color chart. Rick D.

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There were 11 factory colors for P15s.
10 are shown on this chart. Add black for #11.
Looks like yours in Kenwood Green.
Charlotte Ivory and Sumac Red were 'convertible only' colors.

Color Chips Marked 46-48.jpg

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I did all the paint research to determine what my '48 P15 was and it turned out to be Kenwood Green. Unfortunately, around here anyway (Maine), no one offered any of that paint even using all the original numbers. I ended up removing a door screw and taking it to NAPA and looking through all their paint chips to match a color. Turns out British Racing Green was perfect. They mixed a batch and I painted the car!


Craig in Maine

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On 7/19/2022 at 7:15 PM, JerseyHarold said:

Where are you?  Canadian cars had different color choices than US cars.  They also had a trim plate on the firewall with the color codes.  US cars did not have them.

Yes they did.  Every American Mopar car I've seen from the 40s or 50s had a data plate on the firewall with the color code.  

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