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Building A Sit Down Creeper


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Using the new welder I built a sit down creeper.  Started with 20 foot sticks of steel and ended up with this.  Don't think I made a good choice on the rubber wheels so I'll probably change those out for steel wheels.  I used the lay down creeper I have and pictures from the internet as a guide.  This was a cut to suit, beat to fit and paint to match project.  The end lifts I have only get the car about four feet off the ground so this will make it easier to do lube jobs and other work under the car.  All in it cost about 75 dollars to build.  The upholstery guy in our group gave me the material to cover it.  I used hinges from a door I replaced for the pivot points.  The back lays down so it can be used for a lay down creeper and then the seat raises for a head rest.  There are ones similar to this for sale but I decided to try building one.  It was a fun project.

Creeper    .jpg

Creeper   .jpg

Creeper  .jpg

Creeper (2).jpg

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Looks good.  Was looking at maxjax two post low lift.  They feature a sit down creeper very similar to yours.

My problem would be some sort of a lift to get me up and off.  Physical limitations being a major consideration.  Couple nights ago we lost power.  I just bought an electrically operated recliner.  Good thing it's comfortable, as I was stuck in it from 11:15pm till 4:15am.



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16 hours ago, greg g said:

My problem would be some sort of a lift to get me up and off

I roll off the creeper onto my knees.  Then it's easy to get up.  Easier.


16 hours ago, greg g said:

Good thing it's comfortable, as I was stuck in it from 11:15pm till 4:15am.

A friend has a power recliner.  It has a battery back up.  If the power goes out it automatically goes back down.  Real slow it's only a 9 volt battery.  The chair you have may include that feature and just needs the battery.

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Guess I need to look at the owners manual.   Thought I had sitting mastered, guess not.  Who reads the instructions? 


Los control like most things, my sleep habits have changed, probably for the worst.  I usually stay up reading from 11 till around 2:00am.  If I go to bed earlier, I just lay awake till 2.  I seem to get about 6 to 7 hours of sleep,but I have a shoulder problem which some nights gets me out of bed and into the recliner to moderate pain.  My best sleep usually occurs from 6 till 8 am, after a nature call.  My wife's pattern has changed to where she wakes up around 5 am, can't fall back asleep.  This morning at 6:15, I found her spreading mulch around the deck.  I said good morning and went back to bed, getting back up at 8:20.  Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do to get along.  Golden years my @$$.

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