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Memories and Milestones


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Today was a great day making memories and hitting a milestone. It's a bit of a story, so hang in there.


Back in October 1996, Ed and Jane bought a 1950 Meadowbrook with around 69k miles that had spent the last 14 years in storage. It was the first classic car they owned together. Over winter and spring they put in a lot of work, bringing the car back to life. In June of 1997 the Meadowbrook attended its first Back To The 50's car show in St Paul, MN. Over the years they made a lot memories with the Meadowbrook and cataloged most of them. They took a trip to Mackinac Island that included a ride on the S.S. Badger ferry across Lake Michigan. For Ed's 50th birthday they drove it to Tulsa Oklahoma to attend the opening of the time capsule with the 57 Belvedere inside. After 22 years of ownership and declining health, it was time for them to sell.


In January of 2019 my wife and I purchased the Meadowbrook with around 92k miles on it. We hit it off with Ed and Jane and formed a friendship. We've gone on a few car cruises with them and keep in touch throughout the year, sending them pictures and updates as we make family memories with the Meadowbrook. 


Earlier this week I realized the Meadowbrook was 68 miles from turning over 100k. Ed's house is 67 miles away, it was meant to be. I called him up and asked if he'd like to ride along for the rollover. He was in!


Today was the day! With my wife and son along, we headed down to Ed and Jane's house. Busy doing math in my head, I missed a turn along the way and didn't quite make it to Ed's house before running out of odometer. So I stopped on the side of a quiet road at 99,999.0 miles and had Ed and Jane meet us. Knowing that he'd likely want to drive, I saved the last mile for him.




After a few minutes waiting on the roadside they pulled up behind us. I asked Ed if he'd like to ride along or drive, of course he said "drive!". He was overflowing with excitement to have the opportunity to drive the Meadowbrook again, and for such a milestone! 



Ed never stopped smiling and commenting how much he's missed the Dodge and how great it drives.


We stopped for a couple photo opportunities, just before and right after the rollover markResized_20220708_110322.jpeg.66f84ac5ee5228b2ebde011fab9fbfe9.jpegResized_20220708_110422.jpeg.5792ecbdfa03c2de1b5eec986d6f6b83.jpeg


Then Ed drove back to their house. He let my son drive their Harley Davidson golf cart around their property while we hung out for a while chatting about life, cars and of course, the weather.


I had also put together a small gift for Ed and Jane to mark the 25 year anniversary of the Meadowbrook attending Back To The 50's. I found the spot they parked in back in 1997 and took the same photo during this year's 50's. I framed it with the dash plaques by their respective pictures.20220708_222528.jpg.92f6acebd02dc59a357eab41bbf3e87f.jpg

25 years of growth and change makes the background hardly recognizable. But I knew it was the spot because of the silos and water tower in the far distance.


Out of appreciation, Ed and Jane gave me some incredible Dodge advertisements.

20220708_223002.jpg.5246bc1948a7810859e1ad6590c29561.jpg I had secretly admired these from the first time I went to their home to look at the Meadowbrook before purchasing it. I had found similar advertisements online over the years, but none this nicely framed. 


Today is a day that I will always remember. I know Ed will too. I had no idea it would mean so much to Ed to be a part of hitting the 100k mile mark with the Meadowbrook.


Making memories is the best part of owning a classic.


Get out there and make some memories while you can!

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