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The news of my demise is greatly exaggerated.  I’m still active but much slower. I gto bit by a tick in Maine last may and ended up with lyme infection.  Today I’m about 30% of what I was 18 months ago. The two big issues are chronic fatigue and very low energy level. I now get in about 3 hrs of shop time per day and if that is highly strenuous then Im down for a day.  But I’m slowly gaining and will try’ to finish and sell what I have except the truck.   My best to all of you.  PF



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Very sad to hear this Paul.

Take it one day at a time as you are doing.

Try to keep a positive outlook and get better!

It's good to see a post from you!👍

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I had figured you stumbled on Jimmy Hoffa's body and been silenced with your absence...


Lyme disease if not fun.....even a young whipper snapper once diagnosed can be two years to anything close to recovery...wife's nephew is coming close to 6 years now and is about back up to speed.  My neighbor for his age has done well but like you.....tires quickly...longer rest time between work bouts...ticks always make me nervous for this very reason.....I stay out of the woods...fish is so much easier caught on sale at the grocery store and well, Bambi is nothing but a tick hotel on the hoof.   I am in the midst of a brutal heat wave and will try a new discipline of being in the shop by about 4AM and get my shop hours in early....just got to do things quietly till start of normal working hours.  I never disturb my neighbors though most are far enough from the shop not to know what I am doing anyway.  


It is NEVER about finishing a project...it all about the time being creative and engaged in something you enjoy....deadlines take it from fun to a JOB....I have no need of a job...90% of don't if you honest with yourself.  

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