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Grille Bars

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Infrequent forum member here.  (Life is busy!).  I am considering buying a supposed 48 B pickup, sans bed, project truck.  Rough with no title.  Maybe no serial number plate…  Anyway, it has no grille bars.  Is that common?  I wonder what happened to them.  Are reproductions available?  Or do I search for used or NOS? What have some people done about this?  Custom grille bars, or do without?


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The 48 and 49 would have had stainless grill bars. To my knowledge no one is reproducing them. They come up for sale on eBay from time to time. The 50 models just had painted metal grill bars as standard but they would fit the 48 & 49 as well. 

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1950 had painted bars as standard and could be upgraded to stainless.

The bars were defenseless against bumping into vehicles, cattle and equipment.

So the lowest (longest) was often the most damaged. 

In my opinion, most ranchers removed the grille bars after being damaged, to bypass the problem of removal and repair 

of the high maintenance bars. The large number of trucks bought for ranching and general labor makes me believe this.


This video may or may not help. The grille bars come up at the end.

Estrada MotorSports 1948-53 Dodge Trucks : Identification notes part 2


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Just a warning to be careful on pricing here when you purchase the truck. There is no bed? Not a deal breaker.

No grill bars .... ouch, What else is missing? ...... Almost sounds like it was used for a parts truck in the past.


I'm only bringing up these 2 items because of replacement cost & total value of the finished project.

For a project truck I paid $1800 which technically is too much for it ... But it was exactly what I was looking for so I paid it. It was very complete with all grill bars, had a low side bed which was not very common & a bonus, with some work I can yard drive it. I'm still very happy I bought it.


On Ebay the occasional grill bars that come for sale are from $600 in poor shape to $900 in good shape.

I have often seen used tailgates in the $300-$450 price range .... The body parts are available from DCM


Look at the price of a new tailgate, or 1 bedside at $850 .... Just not realistic to think about restoring a rough parts truck to a trailer queen.


On the other hand, If you can pick up a decent cab/chassis with drivetrain that needs everything. For maybe around $500 depending on what all is missing.

I would not be thinking to install original parts like grill or bed, I would be trying to think of creative ways to replace them.



With all that said,

How much do they want

whats your plans

How much is missing

We need more info .... & pics   :)

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On 6/22/2022 at 1:00 PM, DakotaFrank said:

Anyway, it has no grille bars.  Is that common?  I wonder what happened to them.

Another possibility is , If the truck had the optional stainless grill bars , they could have been removed to be sold for big bucks . 

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