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main oil seal installed

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i have written for info and would like to thank all for the info it was helpful

it started with clutch chatter oil was everywhere so 

i did the main seal oil pan cleaned and new gasket cleaned oil pickup

sent tranny and flywheel for service waiting for tranny to finish

i used oil seal that sniper suggested was the one.   moparpro sold me the same 

there was old crud on crank where old seal rode.  cleaned with fine emory cloth

installed flywheel, main cap, oil pickup and pan

ran for about 10 min no leak yet

i was able to replace top half of seal without lowering crank i used a pick tool as a finger to help guide bolts into threads

next clutch and tranny






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Did your original seal

have the rope or neoprene?  If rope, would you consider selling me the two retainers ?  I want to try to go back to rope. Done neoprene twice with no luck. Thanks. John 

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Just so I understand:


engine in car

tranny removed

Pressure plate & clutch removed

flywheel removed

bell housing remained in place?

rear crank main cap not removed?

Rear 2 pc neoprene seal installed. 

How fun was it trying to lift that fly wheel back in place? I’m imagining laying on my back under the car while trying to thread the mounting hardware. 

I figure a guy has got to get creative depending on the model of car.  My ‘38 I plan to take the floor pans out. Probably the bell housing too. Block and jack up the rear engine. Have a helper up top to assist with the flywheel and install of bolts. 

That flywheel can only mount one way. The bolt holes are not evenly spaced.  Its what? 70 lbs? 

Some fun, huh Bambi?


A shop hoist has its benefits. 

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rear main cap removed

flywheel bolts were removed thats why you have to take off the main cap

the creative was using the pick tool like a finger to help line up the seal bolts 

working on my back helped to lift flywheel like benching with the benefit of it falling on you

took my time all is well 

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