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218ci with no pilot bushing hole.

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Decided to drop an engine I have into a 1950 Plymouth with standard 3-spd.

My 218 has a fluiddrive behind it when I got it. I had since put a t-5 behind it in my Coronet.

I am 99% sure the crank was not drilled for a pilot bushing and I wanted to use the stock Plymouth trans behind it.

Is there any way around this?  I do not have it all broke down yet. Just preparing myself for the disappointment as I really do not want to look for another running engine.


any help greatly appreciated.


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work around for almost every situation...some factory some easy fabrication...with the T5 in place, I would guess for sure you have a pilot bushing of a sort...thing is, you will need to break it down for actual measurements as the T5 will be a special install...


you speaking two engines above....what combo is NOT in the car at this time?  The stock 50 Plymouth should have a bushing in place also as stock it never got a fluid drive and was always std. 3 speed.

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The 50 was all stock, just worn out. I could see through a main bearing.

The donor motor is a good running 218, I put the t5 behind it and used a roller bearing in a machined plug pressed into the flywheel. ( Like DC )

It was 10+ years ago though so I am not 100% sure of the crank but am pretty sure it was not drilled as I was unable to use the brass special bushing in the Curtis Kit.

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Posted (edited)

Well its:  T142*58565

I have been told a 218ci from a 48-49 truck 

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18 minutes ago, Merle Coggins said:

The 218 CID 8 hole flange cranks were used with FD so didn't require a pilot bushing bore. Any 218 I've seen with a standard trans had a 4 hole flange. 

yep, that is all confirmed now.  But I will make it work :)


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