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In Memory of Frank Elders....

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"I am his wife Esmey; Please let everyone now that my husband passed away 11/22/21"🙁


Frank Elders


Rest in peace my friend. 


Tim aka 48Dodger


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I sure do miss Frankie here, and sad to learn of his passing, someone had to keep at the paper hanging hanks and his non-Mopar junk posting and well, Frankie did so as he was all Mopar for sure.   He was there with a few small parts for my 47 Dodge early on along with a collector's tin and basically the ground breaker for our friendship and set the tone for a lot of banter back and forth on PMs and the occasional jab on the forum.  We would speak at times on the phone and he thought it funny I called his wife Emsey instead of Esmey.  I knew the difference just adding some fun.  Spoke to Esmey on the phone and well, they seemed very happy and so right for each other.  


Esmey, thanks for the PM...will be in touch. 

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I also enjoyed Franks watch dog comments on the non mopar junk postings. A couple times, I would set him up with an odd ball CL finds, he would just call me a “dirty rat” 😂

I will miss funnin him. 
RIP Frank, 



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I am also sad to hear Frank is no longer with us ...My condolences to his family and friends.

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His steadfast loyalty to the Mopar family was second-to-none. We know him through the forum, and some of you know him in person, but I'm sure he led an interesting and long life beyond the vehicle. Deepest condolences to Esmey and his family. 

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