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Parking Brake – Need some help


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Hello all,

When I put in the 3-Speed with over drive there was an issue. The Chrysler and Desoto’s from 1946 to 1948 as a rule did not come with overdrives. They Chrysler and Desoto’s also used a larger parking brake drum than the Plymouth and Dodge’s.

This presents and issue when changing a Desoto to a 3-speed with OD.

The bracket that holds the passenger side of the Parking Brake Band from a Plymouth or Dodge will not work as the drum is smaller.

I do not remember if George made up the bracket (aluminum) or if my welder did. In any event, the geometry is not correct and proper adjustment is a PITA.

What I would like help with from the group is the following. Can someone who has an overdrive out and the brake parts out take a few photos and post them. The bracket on the passenger side is what I want to see. Then take the bracket and lay it on a sheet of white paper and sketch is out. Both on the “flat” side and then on the “edge”.  Then measure the length, the distance between the mounting holes and the “step” in the bracket and record it on the drawing. Then post it up. I also need the exact Plymouth/Dodge drum outside diameter.

What I want to do is to take those dimensions and do the math as to what the bracket needs to look like for the larger Chrysler – Desoto unit. I will either attempt to buy a Plymouth/Dodge bracket and modify it or just make one from scratch.

Since the brake drum adjustment is in the thousands of an inch, I need very exacting measurements on the order of plus or minus a 16th of an inch.

Thanks, James

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