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Another one of those little things --- washer versus plate & now counter-shafts of different length

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So, when you put the counter shaft in a three speed you place the steel thrust plates up against the gear to hold the needle bearings in. Then you put a bronze thrust washer between that and the case. Good. Fine. Makes sense.


Then you go to put in the reverse idle gear. The service manual says to place the "washers" up against the gear and install the reverse idle shaft. --- What?


As far as I can tell, there are NO reverse idle bronze washers. Only steel plates. The service manual calls them washers as does the master parts book. Even in the exploded diagrams they call them washers, not plates.


So my question for everyone is this--- is the reverse counter shaft supposed to use BRONZE washers or STEEL washers?



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My book calls them washers for the reverse idler. On the counter shaft there are washers toward the shaft and thrust washers(bronze) toward the case.

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That is what drives me nuts. My book calls them (steel) plates on the counter shaft then calls them washer (steel) on the reverse idle gear.


I found two machines rings on the parts table I could not account for. Extra parts are never a good thing. So, were they one for each of the two trans I have apart? Where they two for just one of the trans I had apart>


It took hours for me to figure it out.


Turns out that of the four counter shafts I have in my stock that one of them at the thrust bearing area is longer than the other three. It uses these rings which go in on top of the needle bearings and then uses ONLY the bronze thrust washer. These little rings act as the outside thrust washers that the ends of the needle bearing ride against. The hole in the counter-shaft for this one counter-shaft is just a little longer, although the gear spacing on the shaft is exactly the same.


I ended up taking 1/2 the trans apart again to make sure the the center spacer that goes into the counter-shaft was not shorter and these were needed. They were the same length and that is when i went as got my big calipers and started to measure things and found the difference. By looking at it you would never notice.


Are we having fun yet?



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