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Universal Joint Block Assy and Busing Assy --- has anyone ever gotten one apart?

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Hi All


One of the cups on my drive shaft which is off at the front for the trans rebuild has a needle bearing that cracked into to parts. I cannot find the needles.


I also do not want to have the big two part suburban drive shaft out right now.


New universal joints run form $100 to $400 depending on where you go look for them.


I went looking for just the "bushing" which is what they call the cup with the needle bearing in them in the mater parts book. Interesting in that I could not find anyone that had the bushing or the block. But what did pop up was an entire universal joint with the same part number as just the bushing. This universal joint is listed for three decades of MOPARS up into the 1980's. It does NOT have the block with he two bolt holes that the bushing sits in however.


So I ordered one from SKF directly with tax and shipping it cost $25. It will show up in a day or two.


What I want to know has anyone every managed to press the bushing assembly our of the block? I tried it with my little 12 ton press with no luck.


If the needles are the same then I will just take one out of the new cup. If they are not then I may try drilling the old cup out 50% and then see if I can press it out...assuming that it looks like the diameter of new cup is the same as the old.


In the master parts book it shows then as different parts. One can see that they are in the one I have. But getting it out may be a problem.





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If the press doesn't work I've had good luck with grade 8 bolts and nuts (fine threads) getting stuff in and out.  Used it for valve guides and my 92 Dakota rear end pinion race and control arm bushings..


Guide socket on bottom.jpg

Screw puller.jpg

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Trick is for pulling something out is getting anything shaped like a tube that is larger than the part you are trying to get out. It has to be thick or it will mushroom.


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