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Transmision Assembly Grease


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I am using the three speed. I ended up using the shorter bolts at the top and the longer ones on the bottom. Since I got the trans to index and up against the bell, I did not want to pull it out to use some very long bolts to measure each of the holes depth. With my back a mess and on the floor I wanted to minimize being on my back and twisting.


At some point when I have the car up at the out of town house with the lift, I can revisit the bolt length issue unless someone here has a "Dodge" arrangement with a fluid drive bell housing and a three speed and happens to measure the bolts as they take them out...



Not wanting to start another thread....


It turns out that the folks selling the new manufacture wing style universal joints admit that the quality is not that great. I can tell you that my are showing strains after 15 years and about 50K miles and mine were greased every six months.


Just like the overdrive pinion's this is another area where a lack of quality spares is a problem.  Yes, I can buy NOS or NORS off of ebay but at $400 each and I need three that is a little ridiculous. Non wing high quality joints form say SKF are $14 each.  I may have to talk with my machinist about making some wings that will take a normal u-joint and hold it in on the outside with a snap ring.


What a PITA.



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Does anyone know if the output shaft rear bearing in the extension housing on the powerflite transmission gets packed with grease? I assume not but I don't see how it gets lubrication and the manual does state that the oil seal is followed by a grease shield. I honestly don't know what the grease shield is there for, just to keep dirt away from the oil seal? 


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No grease on the out put shaft bearing....Trans ATF lubes it. 

The shield is just a oil slinger dust shield.

E-Brake Assemble 300C (16).JPG

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Thanks for the help folks, the picture really helps. It seems like I'm missing a retaining element for that dust shield, that red painted wire. Anyone happen to know here I could find something similar? I'm also missing the small service door for the drum, it appears that those get thrown out very often.  

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