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Fuel pump rebuild help


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I had the fuel pump in my coupe peter out at the end of December, so I ordered a rebuild kit. Due to holidays and shipping delays, it showed up yesterday. Eager to get my car running again I had already stripped, cleaned and prepped my fuel pump, so this morning I started dropping parts in.

Immediately I saw that the one way valves were a very poor fit. The old ones were press fit in, making them a bit of a trick to remove. The new ones are around .003-.004 smaller than the holes, so they have nothing to retain them. I tried to stake one in, but it is impossible to displace enough material to press the valve down into it's gasket to seal. 


Am I doing it wrong? Should I apply some sort of sealant or adhesive to the valve, then stake it? 

Open my second pump and see if they fit better?

Pretty frustrated, I was hoping to have the car running enough to get it under cover before the next snow coming, as it died in my open driveway.

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A 1/2 socket fit one. A few solid taps with a hammer and it got much tighter. A few more and it expanded enough for a good seal.



For the other side, the socket wouldn't fit over the frame of the valve, so after a thorough search of my work, I found a junk collet that fit over it but had a thin enough wall to only press the edge. Due to collets being fragile I opted to use a shop press on this one. Again I went a little ways, stopped, and checked. Then applied pressure again. I don't know if you could crush these things, but didn't want to find out. You can see collet ended up breaking while I was using it, but was able to hold it together enough to finish the job. A dedicated tool would be easy enough to make, may even be able to find the right size tubing.IMG_20220113_115811303.jpg.523e9cb55f225496e1b8f693acdbcbc9.jpg

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