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Dodge Dual Intake...anyone here have one?


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Hi All, If anyone here has one of those early 1950's Dodge Dual 1BBL intakes...I have a question.


What is the center-line height from the middle of the intake ports (block side) to the mounting boss of the carter 1BBLs ?


I want to see if the final height is going to be close to my first mock up my Edmund's to Holley Sniper adapter. I know that some of the after market intakes used quite tall risers. I am trying to keep mine in the ball part of what Dodge did in 1952-1953.


Thanks, James



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Perfect. With the balance tube please. What I am trying to do is to match the total length of the runners from the carburetor flange to center line of the intake ports.


I know from my reading of intake manifold design that the length of the runners can affect the torque curve. I am trying to keep it close to what the Dodge Engineers did.


Thank you, James

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I think your figure would be close after adding the governors under the base of the carbs as shown in your picture. I believe I have read on here about high rise intakes for these engines. How close to the top of head does your Edmunds sit before the spacers and tunnel?

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3 hours ago, greg g said:

Are you going to be running phenolic spacers?  Is hood clearance a concern?



No reason to use phenolic spacers since there is a lot of air flow in the design as well as the fact that it is all aluminum and not cast iron. If anything it may well need to warm up longer when it is cold...but at least the A/F will be regulated by the computer.



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