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Missing switch and mechanism to turn on vacuum wipers.

Bern Pearson

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I've refurbished the vacuum "motor" for the wipers on my P15 special deluxe.  (1948) There's a hole in the dash where there must have been a switch or lever to turn them on.  But there's nothing there and there's nothing under it that would connect to the vacuum motor's "selector."


What does this mechanism look like.  How can I fabricate or buy one?


Or, must I switch to electric.  (I gather I won't be able to mount the radio if I do.)  


Any advice is appreciated.


Kind regards,


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Can't help with the dash operating mechanism Bern. Mine is a 1938 mopar. But I do know that you can get those vacuum wipers operating to be more than adequate. Mine go great. No problem if you want to try electric but if it means you end up having to make a whole lot of other modifications  - radio etc - then stick with the originals. Someone here will help with the operating mechanism.

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Well....On my 49 the switch is part of a cable that connects to the wiper motor.

I can't imagine it is much different on your 48.

To remove the wiper motor you would take the switch out too as it's easier to then remove the cable.

My parts book says: code 23-67-188 CONTROL, Windshield Wiper 1941-48 All with Vacuum Wipers P/N 898-522

That should get you close. The code will tell you what section (23) of the parts book to look and the location.


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I'm not at all sure if you (Loren) are going to see this.  Thank you.  I found the parts.  I probably surfed past them because I had no clue what I was looking for.  (It's hard to find something if you don't know what you're looking for.)


Not sure I can come up with something that will serve as I suspect anything I can fab will bend badly over time.  


Thanks again.


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Here is a picture of a typical Trico Vacuum wiper moto with the on/off knob. This might help with what you are looking for taken from my 1928-39 Trico catalog.


go ob ebay there are many plastic wiper knobs for the 46-49 Plymouth both plastic and chrome. these knobs are mounted on the center of the dash near the middle of the front window. If you have a parts manual and a service manual for your plymouth it would also show you the knob and part number and location on the dah.


Rich Hartung


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When I switched my D-24 over to electric this is what was taken out.


The knob on top (not shown) is not critical. Most anything that fits the slot will work.


The rod is not the same part # as for the P-15 but should look the same.

My D-24 rod is smaller after the bend (see photo) to allow it to fit in the fork on the vacuum motor..


The spacer (part that makes up the angle of the dash) is different part #


Nut is the same #.


The rod 898522 is available fro AMS Oboslete  (they bought Mitchell Motor Parts)



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