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Show your bicycles, sans engines!


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On 5/16/2022 at 6:51 AM, Plymouthy Adams said:

did anyone ever slow down and wonder what happened to the original poster and question his absence from the thread....his number did not answer my call.

So I finally drove down to Reedley and left a message on Paul’s door. He has not been in great health. He called me back this morning & evidently he’s feeling much better, and asked me to come and help him put the engine in his car.

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thanks for the update....the man must be feeling mighty poorly not to come to the forum.  Tell him best wishes from me if you will...last word was he gave up on the V8 in the truck....I am guessing it is the truck with the bad rod he is working with.  Also, thanks for taking time to run and check on a forum member that was MIA

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I haven't been around much lately, my employer has been trying to get as much out of me as possible before I call it a career on June 30th. I managed to spend 25 days in Mexico working on what we, in my After Sales Service branch call, Factory F***Ups. It's real bad this time.


Told you that to tell you this. Every other morning, since I got back home from the best of the best Mexican food, I've been riding my fixed gear track bike into town for a cuppa and maybe breakfast. Days without breakfast is about a 5 mile round trip. Days with breakfast will be 7 to 17 miles. Burning calories and losing weight. I feel a whole lot better, too. I'd like to get back down to my 80s and 90s racing weight but without the racing part. I'd prefer not to wipe out at my age.



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I rode all 4 complete bikes this AM before the heat.


Alltogether I did 7 miles.

In order I rode the Sting-Gray,




The Mongoose,



The black Green Manhattan townie,



and my wife’s Nishiki Blazer


I have not been on the Blazer in a long time, and it needed a serious service job, so I tore it all down. I didn’t put it back together till midnight tonight.


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I have been going bicycle riding every morning, but every afternoon has been getting very hot.


It’s 110 out there by my shed, so there’s no Volkswagen welding going on today.


That mongoose is a monster bike. I am really happy with the way she goes. It has so much rolling inertia that you push it up to speed and it just wants to keep rolling forever.


Of course all the parts are like new and I just greased everything.

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It has been over 100° every day in the afternoon so I have not been inclined to go to Reedley. Paul does not have an air conditioned garage And I don’t wanna see him drop dead from the heat out there.


I’ve been avoiding the afternoons, just working on my bikes and riding in the early mornings. Working in the welding shed on into midnight.



Riding around my neighborhood I counted 105 American flags and patriotic devices. I took a photograph of every one.


I live in a neighborhood that is 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile and 25% of it is devoted to park lands and a fancy gated community that I don’t belong to, so I couldn’t photograph there.


Those are only a few of the 100+ photographs I took.


This is what my garage looks like when my wife is gone.F1012BCE-2DCD-422A-95E6-44AEC901B7EF.jpeg.10ee18233e0a8d861eda48877c0262a5.jpeg






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